Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of doctor visits........3/18/09

I was swamped today.....Katie and Matty both had Nutrition appointments in Princeton, however Katie's was at 11am, and Matty's wasn't until 3pm. Katie's appt went well.......she went from 21.8 lbs the first week of Feb. to a whopping 23.13 lbs!!!! That is a lot of weight for her to gain in this short time. Seems the thickened liquids are really working!

As for Matty, he is a different story. My poor pumpkin did NOT gain ANYTHING since 10/8/08 according to the Nutritionist's scale. Ugh. I am really bothered that something is going on with him that we are not aware of. He is not a picky eater......he eats really well, so although I do calorie boost, that is not the problem. Anyway, we are continuing to do more b/w for thyroid and growth hormone deficiencies, as well as stool testing to check malabsorption. I also scheduled a sweat test on 4/1 to check for Cystic Fibrosis.
If this wasn't enough, Matty became sick during the day! So after the other appointments, off to the pediatrician we went. Matty has a "doozy" of a right ear infection...........I swear, Calgon is definitely calling my name! :)


Brandi :) said...

yikes... definitely on the go, today, huh? never a dull moment! hope everyone gets & feels better soon!
Honey-- I think you may need more than Calgon! you definitely need a vacation-- or at least a day away! :)

Jill said...

Oh Ann!!! I wish I was closer so I could scoop up your kiddos and bring them over to play. That would give you a few hours to just sit on the couch and relax.

I hope Matty recovers quickly from the ear infection and you get some sort of answers soon!! I can only imagine how frustrated you must be after all of the tests they have run. Take care of yourself!!!

pam said...

i do not know how i found your site, i mean where i originally started. but i have some neat ideas on weight gain, although honestly they have not worked for us. we do only pediasure and i do add things like carnation instant breakfast milk to everything from mash potatoes to oatmeal to even making popsciles and smoothies. it is hard for us because she loves healthy food. grace is 3.5 now and weighs 26 pounds. she was 2.12 at birth. we have had every known test in the world (or so it seems). i would love to hear some of your weight gaining secrets.