Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Only a mom of multiples will truly appreciate this!

Ok, so as I wrote about before, today we visited Kim and her boys. A short walk from their place is a FENCED IN park!!!!!!!!! OMG-I was soooo freakin' excited about this FENCED IN park!!!! lol You don't even know. It is soooo HARD to watch after four little ones running in every direction. Tom and I tried it at the local park (un-fenced) and we lasted LESS than one half hour. Can I just say how much I LOVE this park???? I have decided, if Kim is not home, I am going to the park on my own!!!! lol :) They even have a bench for the parents! Yay-and it's shaded! :) Sorry-but thoseof you with more than one baby will totally appreciate this.......... lol.

A playdate with friends!

Today we visited Kim and her twin boys: Joseph and Nicholas. I met Kim back when she was pregnant with the boys and I was pregnant with my four. (although I thought only 3!!! lol) We were due around the same time, and it was so comforting to have a friend go through the pregnancy with you. We emailed A LOT, comparing notes on everything!!!! Anyway, we FINALLY got the kiddos together today at her place. They have a fenced in park (OMG-check out my next post!) that we walked to near her place. The kids had a FUN time. They played, we ate pizza, cheese doodles and cookies, and in the midst of craziness with my four, Austin drank Ginger Ale!!!!! :) Isn't that first pic the cutest thing? I am so impressed that all six kids sat so nice for their picture to be taken...........we must be doing something right, huh Kim??? And last is a pic of Nicholas holding their rabbit. He wanted to hold the rabbit the entire time we were there today-he finally did and was s uper excited about it all day! Thanks for having us, Kim. We'll do it again soon! :)

Party time for Angelia!

On Sunday, as Nick went to the Horror Show with Daddy, we ventured off to the Zerilli triplets' house to celebrate their big sister, Angelia's, 4th birthday! We had a GREAT time. And it was an extra-GREAT time for Mommy b/c the house is already childproofed for the triplets!!!!! It made it sooo easy for me! :) My kids LOVED digging into t he yummy cake with forks and spoons (something I still need to work on with them) and Austin LOVED diving down the slide into the pool!!!!! And as you can see, Katie had all kinds of lei's on her..............she was definitely stylish! :) Happy Birthday Angelia! Thanks sooo much for inviting us-can't wait to get together again! :)

Nicholas at the Horror Show!

Yes, my sweet innocent boy is turning in to his father! :) Tom took Nick and his friend, Zack, to the local Horror Show on Sunday (I know-not the most age-appropriate place!), but they did have a good time. Tommy loves all kind of horror movies and what not, and Nick is unfortunately following in his footsteps. Tom came home with a talking Chucky doll (just what I wanted ! lol) and some hand drawn paintings of Freddy Kreuger..........we are "storing" these great finds in our basement for now! LOL.........

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Real" haircuts for the girls! :)

Well, last night, Daddy surprised me and said that I was "allowed" to get the girls' hair cut professionally! I was shocked! But, rather than stay in the disbelief, I literally woke up this morning, and RAN to the closest hair salon with my little ones! :) I didn't want to give Daddy the opportunity to change his mind! So I made sure I got there before his first break @ work! :) lol Anyway, the girls did really well. Their great big brother, Nicholas, decided to get his hair trimmed, too. He was soooo concerned about the girls-he figured if they saw him get his hair cut, then maybe they wouldn't be afraid. Very sweet..........Katie did GREAT. She sat right up in the chair, was "chatting" away, and smiling the whole time. Emma, on the other hand, clung to me. She is a "momma's girl". I sat with her while her hair was cut. No crying, just lots of clinginess, and some puckering of the lip, too! :) Both girls got a nice bang cut (which they had before in a salon) but also got a good trim on the back. Tom was frantic that they would cut too much hair off (he was dreading the "bowl" cut I had when I was little!), but I think their hair looks great. In the end, everyone got a lollipop and they were as happy as can be! :)
PS-I was "yelled" at a bit from the beautician. Seems I cut the girls' bangs a little too much! She was saying my Katie had layers-they are NOT layers, only me cutting their bangs crazy! Oops! A tip for the moms-apparently, when you cut their bangs, you cut eyebrow to eyebrow. I didn't know that-I think I cut ear to ear! Oops! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yes, we ventured out to HersheyPark today..............we had a beautiful HOT day...............we had a GREAT time..........notice the Kiss streetlights!!!! We can't wait to go back.

Are they all the same baby?????

Now, I know we are a spectacle when we go out in public with the babies and this monster of a stroller. I do not mind being stopped, questions asked, and what not. Most people are very friendly and just in awe of my four little miracles. What cracks me up (and Lexi, too!) is what they call my four miracles. It seems most of NJ does NOT know what four babies born at one time are called............... We have heard (in no real order).....
Are those Quindruplets?
Are they all the same baby???
Wow-look, Quadruples!!!!
and today took the cake................look, mom, FOURTHLETS!!!!!!!
Lexi and I just look at each other and crack up!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Sesame Place pics............

Some cute faces...............

Happy Birthday "Danger"!!!!!

Yes, my Nicholas likes to be called "Danger". Don't ask-it must be one of those five or six year old "boy" things...............so when Tom bought his Carvel cake, Nick asked if they could write "Danger" on his cake.................lol. Whatever makes the prince happy!!! :) After a fun-filled day at Sesame Place, we ended the daylong celebration with pizza and cake with family. We all had a great day celebrating Nick's 6th birthday. I couldn't help but get a little sentimental realizing what a truly "big boy" Nicholas is becoming. He's not so little anymore. But I am so proud of him. He does really well in school, and he is an EXCELLENT big brother to the babies.............and we're working on the brother/sister relationship with Nick and Lexi.........stay tuned for that one! :) Happy Birthday, Mommy's Little Danger!!!!!! :)

Sesame Place................again! :)

Yes, we ventured back to Sesame Place on Thursday, for Nicky's "official" 6th birthday. When we were there last month, we bought the 2 day pass (same price as one day but can't use any coupons).............so we figured we would celebrate Nick's bday there. The babies did GREAT again.............and it was nice b/c we weren't so "rushed" to see everything, b/c we had already been there. One highlight of our trip was meeting a set of triplets from Washington DC..........how often do moms of multiples actually see each other out in public???? Not often!!! :) All in all, everyone had a great day, and all of the Wilke's slept very well that night!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

21 month and 6 year old pics!

Lexi and I took the kids to Kiddie Kandids today for Nick's 6 year old pics. Since I was bringing the babies along, I figured I'd might as well get their pics done, too. Well, they all did really well, EXCEPT Austin! (Notice he is SITTING in the one pic!) He would NOT sit still! He kept tearing down the black curtain, and thanks to Nicholas, realizing he can run/crawl behind it! It was CRAZY!!!! As usual with the quads, another very "sweaty" moment! :) He was defiitely laughing his butt off, though-he was having a grand old time! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Blue eyes

Emma's beautiful blue eyes..................stunning! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nicky's 6th birthday party!

On Saturday we celebrated Nicky's 6th birthday. His actual birthday is 8/7, so we celebrated a few days early! (we will probably have a Carvel cake on Thursday night, too!) We really lucked out with the weather. It was supposed to be very "unsettled"; it ended up pouring down rain a half hour or so before the party started, and then it cleared right up. Thank God! :) Nicholas had a GREAT time and couldn't wait to open all of his presents! He was even hugging each of his friends when he opened their gifts! One of the sweetest things that happened is-a lot of his friends are from school-Catholic School. Sooo, after the usual rendition of "Happy Birthday", his school friends added on "May the Dear Lord Bless You" sung to the HB theme, but like they do at school for birthdays. It was sooooo sweet! :)