Sunday, March 30, 2008

NICU Reunion at Sesame Place!

The March of Dimes sponsored a NICU Reunion at Sesame Place today. Boy, did we have a fun time! We saw a Sesame STreet Live Show, and then afterwards, we were able to meet and greet Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and even the Cookie MOnster! Nicholas even volunteered to be a "fishy" helper to Elmo during the Live Show.................we had a GREAT time! And we got to see all our favorite NICU Nurses and Doctors. It was soooo nice to show them how far we have come! :) Thank You, CHS@Mercer and March of Dimes !!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Extreme Sour Warheads!

Yes, that is what Aunt Patti and Uncle Vinny gave the kiddos for Easter......(amongst other things!) Well, Lexi and Nicky had a field day today trying to get me, my mom, my dad to try the "yummy tasting" candy, as Nicky put it. NOT!!! Well, Nicky and Lexi decided to have a contest to see who could keep the Warhead in their mouth longer..........Check out their faces-sooo funny!!!


This past week, my girls, especially, have taken an interest in "reading" books. It was so cute the other day-Katie and Emma were sitting together "reading" Nicky's old Clifford book...........I really think the girls are going to play well together as they get older!


Austin LOVES to either try to stand on his head, or do a somersault-I haven't figured it out yet!

NICU High Risk Follow up Visit

On Monday, 3/24, Tom, Nicky, Lexi, and I took the babies to CHS@Mercer Hospital for their High Risk Appointment. Here is a pic of them waiting to be seen.............(Check out Mr. Personality "Matthew" in the pics!) All four did GREAT! Emma was discharged 3 months ago from the Developmental Pediatrician (b/c she showed him how well she walked back in November) and this visit the other three were discharged! But we will continue to go back in 3 months to see the PT, OT, and ST, as well as hearing screenings. All four passed with flying colors, and had no recommendations for us. We are truly lucky!

Hockey Game!

Tom took off work last Friday (3/21) to take NIcky to his first Trenton Devils hockey game. Nicholas was sooo excited. Of course, Daddy spoiled him and bought him two hockey sticks, a puck, a knit hat, and of course, lots of treats!! And afterwards, Daddy and Nicky had their "own" hockey game in the living room!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Katie's Bronchoscopy!

So, I don't know if all of you will find this fascinating or not, but it sure did interest me!
So, Katie had h er scope done today at CHOP. She still has tracheamalacia, which is shown on the pic's bottom 2 pics. See how the top two pics are "normal" and round? The top two pics are of the beginning of her throat. The bottom 2, where it narrows considerably, is further down her throat. This is w here her tracheamalacia is. So, the ENT doc wants us to schedule an appt with a Pulmonologist. ENT doc said that Katie may always have the tracheamalacia. It may not go away. However, the Pulmonolgist may be able to give her meds to help it. In any event, he said longterm, Katie will be jsut fine. It will not prevent her from playing sports, running track, etc. He did say that if she does run track, and all her teammates are gasping for air after their run, Katie will be gasping for air and wheezing. Just something that will always be part of her.................I still think my Katie is just perfect! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here are my five munchkins tonight posing with the Easter Bunny! I was pleasantly surprised that we had no one crying at the sight of the big Bunny! They did GREAT! :)
Happy Easter, everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My big guy!

Nicholas was soooo excited to "dress down" for school on Monday b/c of St. Patrick's Day..............He sure is handsome! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nanny's Spaghetti!

Nanny was nice enough to bring us a Spaghetti dinner for tonight............and boy oh boy, did the babies enjoy it!!!! Thank you Nanny!!!

HAPPY (or sad???!!!) St. Patrick's Day!

Some were having it, others weren't! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where's Mason????

Emma and Austin were glued at the playroom window this afternoon-desperately trying to watch Mason, our family dog. Emma even was attempting to knock on the window to get Mason's attention. They were so amazed!

Go Yankees!!!!!

Sorry all you Non-Yankee fans, but Katie girl was too cute in her cheerleader uniform today!!!!


You've gotta LOVE pretty girls in pigtails!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A playdate with NICU friends!

I did not get any great pictures, but we had a "playdate" with friends we met in the NICU. Kim's twins and my quads were in the NICU the same time. As we sat and held our tiny babies for so long, we got to talking and became friends. It was soo fun to get all six kids together (plus Matthew-Kyle and Mallory's older brother). My four were definitely fascinated in the two little kids in their home! Emma kept going up to Kyle and pointing at him, and Austin even was pointing at Kyle's forehead, I guess trying to figure him out! :) Can't wait to get back together with our friends............

Can you tell?

.......That this child definitely has some babies in his home! He sure looks like he knows how to care for them! :) I came across this pic on Nicky's school's website-showing "Kindergarteners at Work"! Nicky tells me he was having a fun time at the "Family Time"center, (one of many centers the kids alternate to during the day). Doesn't he look so cute?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Nicky and Daddy!

They enjoyed the weather this afternoon with some baseball, football, and even basketball!!!! They had a blast-Nicky wants to do it all over again tomorrow after school! Poor Daddy is going to be sore! :)

Look what Matty found!

Emma's butt! He was intrigued in finding what was under her diaper! :) As you can see, they are keeping me super busy!

Beautiful day for a walk!

So, after their morning nap, Tom and I took the babies on a walk. They really enjoyed it, and so did we! :) So, we thought we'd be a bit "daring" and let the little monkeys out on the front lawn. BIG MISTAKE!!!! They were running in all directions. We could NOT contain them! It was hysterical-we are soooo outnumbered!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nicky's new guitar!

Nicholas hung out with Nanny and Poppy yesterday, and as usual, came home with some fun prizes!!! They bought him a very cool $30 guitar. Now I say $30 b/c that is all he kept saying to me, "Nanny bought me a $30 guitar!" Over and over again. I guess he knows when he is with me, a $30 toy is out of the question, just on a random shopping trip! And he was very excited about a t-ball set they picked out for him. He can't wait to go outside tomorrow and play ball with Daddy!


This is how we found Austin this morning after his nap! He's a daredevil already! I think I need to switch cribs with him and Katie, as Katie's is all open slats, instead of part solid wood on the bottom!!! Look how he's laughing! What a monkey!