Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Claus came to preschool!

The kids had a special treat at their preschool Christmas party! Santa Claus arrived! We heard the jingling bells and just KNEW it was Santa! Matty, Emma, Katie, and Austin were simply AMAZED....and soooo happy!!!! Well, that is, until Katie opened the present Santa gave her. She was MAD! LOL She turned to me, and said, "Mom-where is my PINK GUITAR??????????" LOL She continued, "I don't want THIS!" (meaning the My Little Pony book Santa had given her!) I could not believe the words coming out of her mouth! She sure is becoming an independent and spunky little girl!!! She knows what she wants-that's for sure!!! I did have to explain to her that the "big" presents Santa brings underneath the tree---that he didn't have enough room to bring it to the preschool.....LOL. Gotta love kids! :)

Christmas Show 2010

Nicholas had his Christmas show at school....Aunt Patti, Uncle Vinny, Lexi, me and the babies all were there to cheer Nick on.....He even had a small speaking part...where he talked about what his traditions were on Christmas Eve....The funny part was that Nick told the entire audience we go to Midnight Mass (we don't!) and we even sit around the table and eat ICE CREAM together (We don't!)....LOL I guess he was getting ready for Confession on Monday morning!

Santa Baby.....

Mommy "attempted" my own photo shoot with my babies.....Not too shabby.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FOUR stickers!

Austin has had a bit of a rough time transitioning to preschool. His teachers and I have implemented a Behavior Chart for his 2.5 hour day.....Ms. Gail breaks the 2.5 hour day up into four "periods" where he can earn a sticker for good behavior. Well, I am pleased to say that Austin is really doing well. He has a temper...however, with guidance from Ms. Gail and Ms. Cori, he has learned to "stop", "take 3 deep breaths" and think of a better reaction.....and he really takes his time to take those steps to calm himself down, before making a bad choice. So cute tho, the other day, he got mad at one of his sisters....he ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I took my deep breaths and everything, and I'm STILL MAD!!!" Love that boy!

Wilke Quads turn FOUR!!!!

How in the world could my "babies" turn FOUR? Seriously-FOUR years old???? And I'm still calling them my "babies"...I think I always will! :) We had a great day on November 3rd. Thanks to our good friends, the Kennedy's, we decided to use their birthday present, gift cards to Build a Bear! My kids have been there, however, only one at a time, and with my I was a bit anxious to see how taking four of them at once would be.....It went WELL!!!! It was so much fun to watch them pick out which bear they wanted...and all were different! They listened intently to the worker there, and did just as she asked.....They had an absolute blast! As we left, the girl gave me free ChickFila coupons for the off to ChickFila for lunch we went! :)
When we arrived home, we were greeted with a bunch of balloons and cookies from Aunt Patti and Uncle Vinny.....this totally made my day and their day, too! What a surprise!
At night, we had family over and celebrated once more....We had vodka rigatoni and yummy cake!
I feel so grateful and blessed that I have so many wonderful people (family, friends, and my cyber buddies, too!) that genuinely care about me and my children. Life IS good! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blog is now private

Due to some crazy "stalker"-like issues on Facebook, I figured it was safer to make this blog private....I don't keep up on here as much as I did in the past....Mainly because I am addicted to Facebook! :) In any event, I will make more of an effort to post at least weekly, so that my children will one day have a "journal" of their lives.....through Mommy's eyes...