Thursday, October 29, 2009

3rd birthday party................already???!!!!!

Yes, it is true!!!! I cannot believe I had my little ones' 3rd birthday party already......on 10/25. They don't "officially" turn three until 11/ I did have the party a week early or so........but still, can it really be possible they are three years old???!!!! I am still in shock. But I do know for certain, that I am the luckiest mom alive----Besides my adopted older two children, and my seven year old son, I am forever blessed with happy and healthy quadruplets. I truly feel like I won the lottery! :)

Lunch at Applebees....

Nanny and Poppy treated us to lunch at Applebees recently----the kids did really well! And also "helped" Poppy back to his van afterwards.....

Nanny and Poppy treated us to l

Speech Therapy

This is a typical day in our home when one of our speech therapists came.......basically a preschool class! LOL

Bangs........or no bangs????

Birthday party for our friends: Gavin and Owen!

We were so excited to travel to Delaware for our friends' 3rd birthday party! I met Jill online thru MOST (Mothers of SuperTwins) and we have become friends since then.........both trying to give each other "high calorie" ideas for our peanuts! LOL I am so glad we were able to be at the boys' birthday party-we had a GREAT time!!!!