Sunday, May 2, 2010

Philadelphia Zoo 5/1/10

My sister and I took Nicholas and the little ones to the ourselves....without a stroller.....BUT WITH leashes!!! :) It worked out really well, too. I was so impressed that all the little ones really listened well. The girls and boys shared ice cream....we stopped for frequent drink breaks (as it was a 90 degree day!).....and had dinner after we left the Zoo. The little ones didn't want to leave the Zoo....they kept yelling "more animals!"

Silly Communion pics

My Nicholas is quite the character.....LOL....and so is Uncle Vinny! LOL

More Communion pics

Communion party 4/24/10

We took our family out to Mastoris Restaurant for a celebration of Nicholas' First Holy Communion. We had a great time, and Nicholas was very amused that he received presents on this special day!

Nicholas' First Communion 4/24/10

I can't believe this day came for my little boy---such a milestone! He was so excited to make his First Holy Communion-and I was just as excited for him! He even insisted on trying the "wine" at home, to make sure he doesn't make a funny face at Communion! LOL He did an excellent job, and I am so very proud of him....Congratulations, Nicholas!!!

Jenkinson's Aquarium 4/8/10

I made a very last minute decision to take the kids down to Point Pleasant beach on this very hot afternoon. We went to Jenkinson's Aquarium for the first time-and it was a success! The kids are at a great age to be interested in seeing different "fishies" and animals. Afterwards, we even took a few steps in the sand.....the girls said, "Mommy, WHAT IS THIS???" LOL....It's not like you bring your quadruplets to the BEACH everyday! :) MAYBE this year, tho......MAYBE.....All in all, we had a great day trip.....Nick won some prizes after playing some games, we ate some good ice cream.......we can't wait for summer!

More outside fun after Easter dinner....

Outside fun after Easter Dinner....

As soon as we got back to Nanny's and Poppy's, the kids were ready to let loose......Lexi and Nick were throwing a football around, while the little kids ran for the garage area to ride the bikes in there......It was a chore to try and get them changed into regular clothes......

Easter dinner

We started a new tradition this year. We decided to give my Mom a break, and go out to a restaurant for Easter Dinner.....and I think we all agreed it went well! Well....."well" for having 3yo quadruplets with us!! :) Austin enjoyed making "concoctions" in his drinking glasses....I believe at one point he had mixed together some fruit, water, ice, and broccoli. Yum!

Easter morning....4/4/10

The Wilke kids must have been very good this year! The Easter Bunny did make his way to our home this year! All of the children were so excited.....the little ones each got a new backpack (to prepare for pre-school!!) and TOO MUCH candy! Nicky got a WWE mask and some other little toys and TOO MUCH candy! And Lexi....she got the New Moon DVD, some hair accessories, and TOO MUCH candy! :)

Easter Bunny!

We were invited over to my good friend Brandi's house to await the arrival of the Easter Bunny! Brandi served us a delicious dinner....and almost timed perfectly, the Bunny came to Brandi's house right as we were finishing!!! :) My kids were amazed to see the Bunny so "lifelike" and so close to them....and they had a blast collecting all the Easter eggs......
Thank you, Brandi, again for a great night with the kids! :)