Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa did come!!!!

Christmas Eve.....

Christmas Eve was definitely chaotic in the Wilke home.......Thank God the kids were nice all year, b/c they were definitely a bit naughty this night~~ LOL

Nicky's Christmas Show


Nicholas participated in his school's Christmas show this was a "multicultural" show this year-with the second grade class being "Asian"...........It was very cute. and even my little ones got "dancing" in the aisle!

I got the Christmas tree up......

sort of! LOL

Sisters forever.....

Here are some cute shots of the girls...

Monday, November 30, 2009

A few more "flashbacks"....

I couldn't resist......LOL

Some flashback pics.....

Joey and Nicky's 3rd birthday party

We were invited to our friends' Joey and Nicky's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. kids had a blast! I brought my mom with me as "reinforcement" ......LOL. :) Four active toddlers is NO match for Mommy!!!! :) We had a GREAT time and are so lucky to have such good friends! Happy Birthday Joseph and Nicholas!

Santa Claus has the mall!

My sister and I took the kids to the local mall to see the arrival of Santa Claus. The kids were all very excited to see Santa.....and especially Katie-she was searching for him everywhere! Emma was definitely more reserved---she was clinging on to me! All in all, we had a nice trip..........although we did have a very scary few moments of "losing" Nicholas.........we were very fortunate that a passerby brought him to the security officer, who in turn, found us immediately as we were searching for him.....NEVER a dull mo ment.....that's for sure!

3 year old checkup

I took the babies for their 3yo checkup. By myself. And then even stopped at my sis's work......I have to was do-able! MAYBE, just MAYBE, things will start getting easier??? LOL

Anyway, here are their stats.....all are doing great. Austin's in the 75th% for height and Emma is in the 65% for weight!!! Matty is in 13% for weight, and 5th % for height......
Katie is in 22nd% for weight, and 33th% for height....

Emma 32lbs 37.5 inches
Matthew 28lbs 35.5 inches
Katie 28lbs 36.75inches
Austin 33.5lbs 39inches

Katie's hair cut day.....

Look at those long bangs!!!

Halloween 2009

We survived Halloween!!! LOL My sister and I took the little ones to the mall early in the day to do some trick or treating. They did great--all got into it and loved getting special treats!!! They also did EXCELLENT for the night time trick or treating....Austin was VERY EXCITED to "push the button" (aka the doorbell) at all the houses.....even having a brief meltdown b/c Nick "pushed the button" first....I stepped in and asked that poor woman if she minded if they all "pushed her button"...........they were so much more focused on that then the candy! LOL By the end of the evening, as you can see in the picture, Austin was still sneaking candy underneath a table---he thought we didn't see him!!! LOL

Stickers, anyone?

We took the kids to the mall to do some shopping-AND get out of the house! While we were in SEARS, the kids were getting a bit the nicest salesman in the shoe department came out with a boatload of "price" stickers for the kids to occupy themselves nice!!!