Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do I look pretty, Mommy??

As I was trying to make grilled cheese this afternoon for lunch, I noticed that it just got a bit "too quiet" in the other room, if you know what I mean. With my kids, I always hear chaos in the other room. And then, just when it is so quiet, and I somehow get myself to believe that they are all playing "nicely" together (yeah, right!), it dawns on me that they are probably into something! And lately, that something tends to be my pocketbook! As I went in the living room, there was NOBODY to be found! I found the little culprits at the very top of the stairs near the gate, "hiding out", if you will, with the "goods" (my pocketbook!).......lo and behold, Austin was eating my lipstick (yum!), Emma was sucking on a blush brush (even yummier!), and Katie and Matty were EATING my mascara (that has to be just plain GROSS)!!!!!! I must have just caught them in time, b/c the mess could have been A LOT worse............... :)


Brandi :) said...

lol... the CALM before the STORM... gotta love it!
OMG-- I know... I have NO idea what the obsession with the pocketbook is all about! Mine do the same thing! My 2 little girls are the biggest culprits of this, especially! I have to keep my pocketbook up on a high hook to keep them out of it. Oh-- and watch out for your coat pockets, too! They catch on quick that you keep stuff in there, too! yikes! Can we keep them out of anything??? :)
As you said, it definitely could have been worse!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
That is a funny story! I haven't carried a pocketbook since the boys were born I just throw my things in there diaper bag.

Denise Wheeler said...

Oh my. Silence always brings fear to my heart! I am glad you caught them in time before things got too bad. I am also happy to read that the boys optho visit went well and they don't have to go back for 2 whole years. The picture at the mall is a cute. They looked like they were really interested in that water.

Anonymous said...

When you have multiples quiet is a very scary sound! Mine were quiet yesterday and destroyed my wedding video in a matter of minutes..UGH!!