Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer 2010 Update

I am so sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I have just been busy.....obviously! LOL I promise to update some pics soon....

My children are THRIVING. Absolutely THRIVING. I am so proud of each of them and would love to talk a bit about each of them. They continue to amaze me everyday. I am so proud to be called their Mommy.

I'll start with my older kids.
Marc will be 18 in October. He has had a rough few years. He currently does not live with me. I continue to pray for him that he makes better decisions for himself and that he remains safe and healthy. I love him dearly.
Lexi turned 15 this May 8th. She's enjoying her summer by reading and writing A LOT! She is always writing another story, or finishing up an old one. She is an amazing helper to me with the little ones....and my life wouldn't be as easy if I didn't have her to help me. She is the babies' second Mommy for sure. She has decided to continue with dance this coming year, and will be taking a Ballet-Pointe class, Tap, and Jazz.
And my Nicholas. He is such a good boy. He will turn 8 years old soon, on August 7th. I can't believe my little Bubba will be 8. Time sure does fly. He is a good kid. He has done well in school this year, and does amazingly with athletics. He played basketball this past winter, played baseball this spring, and even made the All Star baseball team this summer! He is an AMAZING athlete and I just love watching him play. He also made the Travel Soccer team for this coming year. It will be much more competitive for him this year compared to Rec soccer in previous years. He is a great big brother to the babies......and still favors Austin! :-) They have such a bond.....
And onto the "babies".....or "toddlers".....or "kids", lol:
Matthew is still a Mama's boy. He loves to be cuddled and hugged and kissed. His communication skills have really come a LONG way. He "stammers" at times, but I am not worried....I think he will be just fine. He is FINALLY on the growth charts, which makes this Mama very proud! He is still smaller than the others, but I think that is just how he will be. Not a big deal. He loves to dance with his sisters, and play trucks with Austin. He still has quite the "whine" when he wants something, tho! LOL
Emma is a bit of a tomboy. She loves to keep up with the boys and play all types of sports. She also loves to play dress up and dance around the house a lot, too. Her language has really taken off, but she does have a bit of a lisp these days....but I think she'll be just fine. She is my "tattletale" for sure....always the FIRST one to tell Mama who is doing what wrong! LOL
Katie.....well Katie has definitely become a feisty and stubborn girl. lol. She goes after exactly what she wants and will NOT stop until she gets it. Again, I say, "Go for it, Katie"....only b/c this attitude is what got her through all her hospital stays when she was so young. She had to be feisty to survive. :) Katie also loves playing sports, but is also very nurturing with her dolls and bears. She has named all her bears/dolls "Katie" and rocks them to sleep daily......Medically speaking, she is doing well. I am in the process of trying to find out exactly what is going on with her airway. We had a Cardiac MRI done recently, and i am still awaiting the results on that. Some talk of surgery has been mentioned, but IDK anything for sure. Apparently, her trachea is "collapsing"....Scary words to hear about your baby girl.
And Austin.....He is still my thinker. He loves to figure things out. And he is SOOOOO CURIOUS. So inquisitive at times that it gets him into trouble. He wants to figure out how things work, why they work, etc. He's a smart boy. He rides a two wheeler with training wheels.....and definitely thinks he is NOT part of the Quad Squad....Since he is so much bigger, I think he thinks he is older, and takes the role of big brother to the other three! LOL But my big guy is still attached to his crocheted "blankie"-and anytime he is upset, tired, or cranky, he NEEDS his beloved blankie. :)
All four are potty training. They are all doing well. Matty has had more accidents lately, but we are working on it and hopefully all will be good soon. All four start pre-school this Fall! Woohoo! Five hours/wk.....Two 2.5 hour days....I CAN'T WAIT! :) I think it will be soooooo good for them. I am just so excited for them to have the opportunity to be around other kids, socialize, and learn in a structured setting. And I am excited to have a few hours to myself!!!! Such an exiting thought !!!
Anyway, I will update soon with pics......