Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgot the stats! :)

So, with my previous rant, I forgot to add in the "stats" of the weight check visit. :)

In birth order, here are their weights as of 28 months:

Matthew 22.10 lbs (up ONLY 2 ounces from last month)

Emma 27.8 lbs

Katie 23.1 lb (up about 1.5 lbs since last month!)

Austin 30.4 lbs (porker!) :)

So, as you can see, there is a HUGE difference between Matty and Austin. 7-8 lbs or so. Matty is having an "upper endoscopy" at CHOP on Monday. It will be in the Operating room-he will be sedated. Apparently, they put a scope down his throat and take a look at his stomach and intestines. It is my understanding that they also biopsy his stomach/intestine and take a look at it on the "cellular" level. Apparently they can see a lot of what "may" be going on through these biopsies. So, hopefully, it will answer some questions as to his short stature and his poor weight gain. So, say a prayer that everything goes smoothly for him on Monday.
And, Tuesday, Matty has his first Endocrinology appointment. Again, hopefully, they can run tests or give me some better answers to Matty's short stature and poor weight gain. Even if we just rule things out, that will make Momma feel better! :)
The other thing I discussed with the ped was Katie's thickened feeds. I am having a semi-hard time trying to get her to take her thick liquids. I give it to her in the sippy cup, and then she throws it at ME, and gets all mad. Soooo, she then tries to "trade" with one of the other babies and get their cups. It always ends up in a fight. Ped's solution was to give ALL FOUR thickened liquids. If all four have it, she will eventually take it. He basically made the analogy that if ONE child was allergic to a dog, the dog wouldn't even be brought in the house. All four would not be able to have the dog, b/c the ONE is allergic. Same way with the thickened liquids. I guess he is right, but I am not quite sure what I want to do yet????!!!!!!


Brandi :) said...

Wilke kids... you are gaining on my little ones... not too far off (re: weight)! You are all getting so big, so fast! YAY! :)

As for Matty, I hope everything works out for him and you will get some answers and piece of mind from the upcoming tests. Be sure to keep me posted.

As for how to get Katie to drink the thickened liquids, Dr. Sheth made a good point... do everything the same for everyone. It might be a bit of a tough transition for all 4 of them, but it will hopefully be a lot easier on you for now and benefit Katie. Good luck with that.

Hang in there, Momma! As always, you are doing an awesome job! :) Sending you a hug...

Andrea said...

I'll prayer for Matty on Monday and Tuesday. By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that every time I see a picture of your kids, they remind me of Precious Moments, with their perfect little angel faces and big eyes! They're so..well...precious!

Katie Hilfiker said...

Are they going to check Matty for Celiac Disease? I think they can biopsy for that on the upper endoscopy. If he is unable to absorb nutrients appropriately, maybe that is why he is not gaining weight. Good luck!