Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Joey and Nicky's 4th birthday party!

Our good friends, Joey and Nicky, invited us to their bowling party to celebrate their 4th birthday in December! We were all so excited to attend---Austin kept mentioning "throwing the balls at the LIGHTS!" LOL I kept trying to explain to them that there were pins you had to knock down---I don't think they "got" it until we were actually there! Nick had a blast as well-he was on a team with younger boys we didn't know-but he did so well helping them, teaching them, playing with them-It was definitely a proud Momma moment for me.....It is showing what a caring boy Nick is. And the BEST big brother!!!
Thank you Kim and Anthony for inviting us to Joey and Nicky's birthday party!!!! We all had so much fun---we love all of you!!! (Esp. my future sons-in-law!!!! LOL) (We have an arranged marriage in the works--LOL)

St. Nicholas Day

Here they are.....all kids' shoes lined up for some "treats" from St. Nicholas.....Nick INSISTED my sneakers be included as well. And I am happy to report that St. Nicholas did leave the Wilke kids some chocolate candies in their shoes! So exciting!

Thanksgiving placemats!

I had to include these adorable placemats the kids made for me for Thanksgiving! Aren't they the cutest things? Their handprints made the turkey and they each made their own "feet", and it was accompanied by this so stinkin' cute poem!!! Love them!

A night of Christmas lights....

The pictures are dark, but we did go see the Martell House this year again. The Martell house is a local home that has an enormous light display in his front yard, backyard, etc. It has become "tradition" for our family to take a walk through every year. Aunt Patti, Uncle Vinny, Nanny, Lexi, Nick, the babies, and Mommy all ventured to this home on a Saturday night....Austin initially would NOT take a picture with Santa Claus...he just stood from afar and kept mentioning "tool bench" loudly, so that Santa could hear him! LOL By the end of our walk, Austin did want to take a picture with Santa.....and they got more candy canes, too!!!! All in all, a successful trip to see Christmas lights.... :)

Silly Katie girl

Here are some random pics of Katie being this girl! :)

Nick is a red belt!

Nicholas tested to become a red belt in karate this past December. He was required to make up TWENTY moves of his own, as well as memorize the 44 steps of the previous belt...and was required to "spar" another member of the karate school. He did excellent and is now a red belt in karate! I believe after red belt, there is a red/black belt, then a black belt!!! Way to go, Nick!

First Preschool Pictures

Oh my, I still can't believe I had FOUR babies at once!!!! But seeing is believing, LOL! :-) I had the babies' first "school" pictures done together-mainly to save on money....I get their pictures done throughout the year at various studios, and I wasn't willing to pay $30 per child for pictures I was not sure would come out okay......In any event, I think this group photo came out super cute...and I LOVE the class photo---as you can see my kids are more than half of the class! :-)