Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Endocrinology appointment

So, Matty and I were off to CHOP again on Tuesday. He had a 9am Endocrinologist appointment, and b/c of Philly traffic, we left by 730am. As we were driving down there, Matty puked all over himself! Ugh-it was so disgusting. And, the bad mom I am, did NOT have a change of clothes. The car reeked of puke. I got to CHOP and went to the gift shop to see if they sold tshirts or sweatshirts or something; they didn't. So, my poor boy had to stay in his pukey clothes for the appointment. Ugh-I hate having the "stinky" kid! lol
Anyway, the appointment went well. The endocrinologist has decided to test Matty for his thyroid and for any growth hormone deficiencies he may have. We are looking into Celiacs disease as well. Hopefully, the biopsy that was done on Monday will give us further information. Interestingly, I did find out that Celiacs disease does run in my side of the family. One of the signs of this disease is eating and eating, but not gaining weight-sound familiar, huh? It seems that the way to fix this disease is to have a completely gluten-free diet. I am curious to switch Matty's diet now and see if I notice a difference at all.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you get some much needed answers! Your kiddos have been through so much recently.

Keep us updated on what you find out!

Brandi :) said...

OMG-- sorry to hear how bad your trip to CHOP was. Don't worry-- you are not a bad Mommy... or-- take solice in knowiing that you are in the same boat with many other moms, including me... I hardly EVER carry extra clothes with me and I should-- YOU NEVER KNOW! :)
hopefully the tests will be able to give you some info or direction. I have heard about the Celiac (sp?) disease... a friend's grand-daughter has it.
Good luck and keep me posted!