Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

Ok, these are not great pics, but you get the idea! :) We went to the Winter Wonderland at the local park the other night.....Luckily, I went with a close friend, Kimmi, who had "connections" to Santa, and got us in really quickly to see him!!!! Gotta love friends of friends........... :)
Anyway, Emma started crying, actually screaming, when Santa got too close to her. She is definitely my drama queen!
And Nicholas, OMG, he was just too excited to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. He started jumping up and down-so cute! As soon as we went into the "house", he was instantly asking Mrs. Claus all sorts of questions. He wanted to know exactly where the sled and reindeer were. He had sooo many questions, and thankfully, Mrs. Claus was so calm and patient, and better yet, she had all the right answers!!!!! I LOVE THIS AGE! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Emma's trip to the hospital!

Yes, this picture of Sleeping Beauty was actually taken in the hospital, as we were about to come home. As I was cooking dinner Friday night, Nicholas ACCIDENTALLY slammed Emma's thumb in his bedroom door. She screamed and screamed and screamed some more. It was swollen and black and blue. I thought for sure she broke her thumb. Luckily, after some x-rays were taken, the doc determined it was only a bad bruise, and some tylenol/motrin over the next few days should cure the pain. Oh, as you can see, life in our house is never uneventful!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New clothes!

Our new Gymboree clothes came in the mail the other day and I just had to show off how cute the babies look in them! I swear, I know I am biased, but I surely think I have the cutest kids around! (That sure is a Mom talking, right?????!!!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Katie girl is home!

Yay!!!!! Katie girl came home tonight. She is still a little sick, but better than before. Our plan is to continue her nebulizer breathing treatments and keep her out of the cold weather!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Katie girl" is back in the hospital..............

So, here she is, back in the hospital. Katie was admitted last night with a diagnosis of pneumonia. Thank God her RSV came back negative-we are happy about that. She is in an oxygen tent and getting nebulizer breathing treatments. She is doing well and we expect her home tomorrow! Yay, Katie girl! The "good" thing that came out of this hospital stay is that I got to see some old NICU nurses that took care of Katie and the other three. It was sooo nice to see these ladies, as they played such an important role in the beginning of the babies' lives. NICU nurses are the BEST! :) (Makes me want to go back to school and become one!!!!) Ok, maybe when the quads enter :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Who are Marc and Lexi?

Someone posed this question on the comment page, and I guess I assumed everyone that visited here knew about Marc and Lexi. Marc and Lexi are my husband's niece and nephew who we adopted. They are our adopted children-the oldest two of the bunch! :) So, currently, we have a 15yo Marc, 12.5 year old Lexi, 5 year old Nicholas, and our four TODDLERS! :)
We are one busy family! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Look who turned ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it's been a year. It's been a year of joy, relief, happiness, anxiety, sadness, worrying, love, and just a real emotional roller coaster. I feel sooo blessed to have four healthy and happy TODDLERS!!!!! Each of them are doing sooo well; I can't help but feel lucky that I was chosen to be their mother.
We took them for their one year checkup this week. Here are the stats:
Matthew 16.9 lbs 26 inches long head 17.5 in.
Katie 18.3 lbs 28 1/4 inches long head 17 1/4 inches
Emma 19.5 lbs 28.5 inches long head 17 1/4 inches
Austin 22.4 lbs 28.75 inches long head 18.5 inches
All are progressing sooo nicely.
Matthew is still our peanut of the group. "small but mighty " is my favorite saying for him. He is definitely a "Momma's boy" and loves to be held. He gets around great, crawling everywhere. He cruises around furniture but has yet to stand alone. He says "dadadada" only and we have a therapist come to the house 1x/wk for him to help form new consonants. He is doing sooo well. He's come a long way. He is gaining weight slowly but consistently. He is not on the growth chart yet, but is following nicely on his own curve. In due time.............In due time..........
Katie is my little honeybunch. She is such a good girl. She occupies herself, sucks her thumb, and listens so well. She is quiet, and takes everything in. She likes to watch, and learns that way. She's just starting to fight back against Emma or Matty, and will go after what she wants. She is on the feeding tube for 12 hrs/night. During the day, she eats everything the other babies eat, except liquids. She eats finger foods, like french toast sticks, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fruit, veggies, but just nothing with a thin liquid consistency. She is scheduled to have another swallow study in February. So hopefully, there will be improvement and we can take that darn tube out! :)
Austin is still my big cuddle bear. He loves to be hugged and kissed............He loves cuddling up to one of my mom's crocheted blankets-he will actually cry for it at night. He is standing unassisted and taking a step here and there. He is also my climber! He climbs everything! We sometimes find him in the oddest positions b/c he climbs so much.
And then there is Emma. She is my ringleader. She has been the first to do everything. She is now totally walking everywhere. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. There is no stopping this girl. She is sooo inquisitive, totally a "busy body"..................has to know what is going on with everyone. She will find the smallest lint particle on the rug and put it in her mouth-we have to keep an eye on her! :)
I can't believe it's been a year. Although it seemed long at times, this year did fly by. My four little miracle babies are now exploring the world around them as my four miracle toddlers! I am proud of each of them and feel so blessed to have them. Happy Birthday, Mommy's little miracles!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Rub a Dub Dub.......FOUR babies in a tub!

This is my new adventure......bathing four babies at once! They LOVE it and I love it, too. They get bathed sooo much quicker, and they really enjoy splashing around with each other (and splashing Mommy, too!)..............