Thursday, April 30, 2009

Katie's trip to the hospital Emergency Room

So, last night I decided to call the pediatrician after a long day of Katie have very intense coughing attacks. She was virtually coughing ALL day with so much might that she even vomited. The pediatrician recommended driving her directly to CHOP, b/c of her past medical history and with our past experiences with the local hospital just transporting her there anyway. Well, I have to say, I think I would rather have her transported now on. We arrived at CHOP at about 730pm............and were NOT seen UNTIL 2:00AM!!!! It was HORRIBLE. The waiting room was full of every sick kid imaginable...........with lots of throw up and tons of coughing........Anyway, the diagnosis was "Reactive Airway Disease"-a fancy term they tell me for asthma. So, we are working strong on giving her lots of Chest Physical Therapy (basically pounding on her back and chest with this small rubber tool) and giving her the Flovent Puffer daily, along with the nebulizer as needed.........I am in the process of scheduling a stat appointment with her Pulmonologist as well. :) Clearly, never a dull moment in our home! :)


Brandi :) said...

Katie girl... feel better soon, sweetie!
Ann-- hope this is it for awhile... you've had a lot on your hands later. **get well & stay well soon, Wilke family!**

Anonymous said...

She is such a trooper!!! Get healthy soon!!