Sunday, April 19, 2009

Notes left around the house.......

Lately, since Nicholas has learned to read really well, he has been leaving me notes around the house, requesting certain things he doesn't want to come out and ask for!

This note reads:

Can you take me to Target so I can get a soup can? $15.00

Sooooo cute. He actually wants a soup thermos so he can bring soup into school for lunch like his friends......... :) LOVE these notes........ :)


Anonymous said...

He is such a wonderful writer!!! Is he in 1st grade this year?

The Stephens said...

That is the CUTEST!!!!!

Brandi :) said...

OMG-- how cute! :) This is one for the "file"... something to keep & look back on when he is grown.
It's definitely the little things in life, isn't it? :)