Friday, May 1, 2009

Matty has whooping cough! (Isn't it 2009???) LOL

Seriously, I soooo thought whooping cough was a thing of the past.........but nooooo, not with my children! :) Matty has had this barking constant cough for awhile now.........but as you can see from my previous posts, I've also been dealing with a bunch of other sicknesses. In any event, I finally took him to the pediatrician today. Yes, Matty has "para-pertussis", which apparently is a form of whooping cough. We also had a chest xray done, as the ped. thought he heard some rattling in Matty's lungs-but xray came out clear, so that was good news. So for now, Matty is on an antibiotic, along with a cough medicine with codeine-which is helping him sleep VERY NICELY right now! :) (I think I need some! )
I do have to mention that we have lots of sicknesses going on in the home right now......Matty has whooping cough, which the violent coughing has also led to some vomiting b/c he coughs so hard and intense. Austin has a snotty nose and I *think* an ear infection-I've been treating him with Tylenol, but I may bring him to the ped. tomorrow as well. Katie's cough continues........and Emma has the stomach bug along with a fever. She is very quiet, not eating, vomiting here and there today, and just not her "ornery" self. And then there is my Nicholas. Poor kid. He woke up in the middle of the night with violent vomiting. I felt so bad for him. Since Daddy had to work OT today on his day off, Nick and I camped out on the couch (with a clean sheet down to prevent any stains!).......Since Nick still sleeps in our bed most nights, I had horrible visions of Nick puking on a sleeping Tom..........that would NOT have been a good sight! :) So, as of today, Nick has stopped vomiting, but continues with the diarrhea, is running a fever, and is even complaining of his "heart" hurting........that part makes me nervous.........but I think his heart is racing at times when he is doing too I think that is the problem. So, depending on how everyone is in the morning, I MAY bring Austin, Emma, and maybe Nick to the pediatrician.......I stocked up on Lysol last night at ACME and plan on using a TON of it this weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Ann!!! Your house sounds like a hospital!! There were times when my kids were all sick that I thought about spraying them with lysol!!! :)

Dorinda said...

Goodness girl! You have really been through it. I am sorry the kids are struggling with illness again - I hope everyone is better soon. Maybe the warmer weather will help. I certainly hope so!

Mark and Julie said...

Annie, I'm in class tonight until 7pm and I'm not sure what time zone you are in...give me a call tonight PLEASE, I want to talk to you 425-280-7310. I won't have time to email until late late tonight after I get the kids and put them to bed, so call please!!!!!!!!!!

xoxox We will get you through this!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I don't know if you saw my # last time, but I'd really like to chat for a few minutes if you can find the time to give me a quick call. It's 425-280-7310 (don't worry about erasing it, it's my business # and it's posted all over the internet