Friday, April 24, 2009

Katie has pneumonia.............AGAIN

Yes, this sweet and pleasant looking girl has pneumonia...........AGAIN. I am getting really tired of this! :) After many, many nebulizer treatments and the oral steroid, Katie just was NOT getting any better over last weekend. I brought her back to the pediatrician on Tuesday, after he called her in an antibiotic on Monday. We had a chest xray done and it showed pneumonia in her right lung-consistent with aspiration pneumonia. Anyway, I took her back for a re-check on Thursday afternoon, b/c she continued to have a very nasty cough. This time, the ped. believed the right lung was clear, however, heard "squeaking" in the left lung!! AAAAHHHHHH! :) Anyway, the ped. has her on TWO antibiotics now, an oral steroid, the nebulizer every 4 hrs, AND a puffer 1x/day. I sure hope this is the "cocktail" Katie needs to get better! :)


Kim said...

Hi Ann
I am really sorry to hear that Katie is still not feeling well Ann....I feel so bad for her she has been through so much. Does the aspirated pneumonia mean that she is still having trouble swallowing?
I hope she is better quick!

Brandi :) said...

Awww... poor Katie girl! Hopefully this array of current meds will do the trick and make her all better... finally! She's been through enough, and so have you, Mom! Hang in there and get better soon, Katie girl! :)

kdliberty said...

I feel her pain. I have been plagued by respiratory infections since I had bad pneumonia at 10. My understanding is once you have had pneumonia you will always be at risk of getting it again. Something to do with scar tissue. Get well soon sweet Katie!

Sarah said...

I didn't know Katie had it too! Hopefully she will bounce back as quickly as Rosie!!! We should be discharged tomorrow! Praying for you Katie!!!