Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Matthew

So, I got some results back and wanted to share. I spoke with the Endocrinologist today and Matthew's thyroid is just perfect. Yay! He was tested for two growth hormones, and one came back normal, however the second one came back low. BUT, apparently, that is to be expected with a kid that has GI issues. So, this is all good news.
I did get an email from Matty's nutritionist and this is part of it: (referring to Matty's 3 day food diary)
As we expected Matthew's intake is 327% of the RDA for his age - 3306calories average per day ranging from 3101-3622 calories. 866% RDA forprotein at 9.4 grams/kg or 95.3 grams per day average. No micronutrientdeficiencies.
So this is a bit frustrating for me, b/c again, where is all these calories going? Over 3,000 calories/day for a TWO year old? AND he hasn't gained an ounce in FIVE months? It just doesn't add up to me.
In any event, I am in the process of getting a second opinion for his GI issues. Maybe there is something we missed and we can look into........
I am still awaiting the results of Matty's stool testing and his Cystic Fibrosis test that was performed on Wednesday. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are coming back with good results, but at the same time it must be so frustrating! If only I could eat over 3000 calories a day and not gain an ounce :) For us that would be great, but for our peanuts it is definetly not good. Thanks for keeping us updated, I've been thinking about him often!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I hope you get some answers and soon...I am sure it it not easy not knowing what is going on with him.

Brandi :) said...

well... good news, so far! We'll all keep hoping for more good news and some answers, too. :)