Monday, January 16, 2012

Matthew Thomas Wilke

Matthew Thomas Wilke. Baby A. "Matty". 3.9lbs. 17 inches.

My Matty. The "oldest" of the crew. He was known as the "door greeter" in the NICU. He had the biggest eyes---and he would just lay there and STARE at you until you acknowledged him.

Matty has had his share of dr visits and such. At six months old, he was hospitalized for intestinal surgery. He had about 10 inches of his intestines removed due to dead tissue from NEC he developed in the NICU. He has seen the GI dr as well as been followed by a Nutritionist since birth. At one time we were concerned with his growth and Failure to Thrive, but not anymore. He is on the lower end of the growth charts now-but he's on them-and that's what counts. Since Austin is so tall, it is hard to not compare the two boys, b/c Matty is more on the petite side.
But with that being said, he is an energetic and fun loving little boy. He tends to be the "clown" of the group. He enjoys being silly and making the others laugh at his sillyness. Matty started wearing glasses this past Fall. He developed a lazy eye, that is being treated with prescription glasses. Matty loves the color red, and loves Lightening McQueen, Batman, and Spiderman. He also enjoys playing with babies with his sisters-where he is always the "Daddy".... :) Matty-Mommy loves you TOO MUCH!!!! I am so proud of you! XOXOXO

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