Monday, January 16, 2012

Emma Rose Wilke

Emma Rose Wilke. Baby B. 3.9lbs. 17.75 in long.

"Emma Rose-pretty as a rose" we used to whisper to her in the NICU. She would smile-as if she knew what we were saying. Emma is a spitting image of her daddy. When I look into her eyes, I see her daddy. There is definitely NO denying her! :)

Emma is such a good girl. She loves to please me. She enjoys cleaning her room "all by herself"--so that she can run and tell me she did so. She is very attached to her dad and me. She always is ready to snuggle with Mommy. Emma is so beautiful, and smart....she does really well at Memory game-she focuses on the cards so well, she is always a winner! Emma likes to shop, likes to play dress up, and loves playing with Katie. Emma is the first one to help Mommy--and she is so caring with her siblings. She is also the tattletale of the group! But I LOVE IT! Someone needs to be! :) She is the first one to tell me if someone is doing something they shouldn't be---and wants to make it clear she had NO part of it! :) Emma-Mommy loves you TOO MUCH! XOXOXO

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