Monday, January 16, 2012

Austin Ryan Wilke-5 years old

Austin Ryan Wilke. Baby D. 4 lbs 18 inches long. My true "baby boy". I remember his little body having some bruising on it b/c of all the tugging and pulling it took for the dr to get him out of me. He was always the "healthiest" of the four kids.....
Austin was the first one to come home, right after Thanksgiving, about 3 weeks old. He was a good baby, always very content.

Austin has grown into an amazing and smart little boy. He "thinks" he is OLDER than the other three kids b/c he is so much taller! He is about a head taller than his quad siblings! He calls them "my kids" Austin likes to be "in charge". He likes to control the situations around him. He is very smart, and has a great vocabulary. He likes to figure things out. See how they work. Put things together. Take them back apart. He wants to figure things out on his own. He doesn't like accepting help. He likes to be very independent!

Austin was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome this past Spring. Aspergers falls within the Autism Spectrum, a very high functioning form of Autism. Austin has a great vocabulary, is very smart, however, could use some help with social skills. Since being diagnosed, I have worked hard to get Austin the services he needs. With the help of these services, Austin has made GREAT progress over the past few months-and I am very proud of him!

I am looking forward to continuing to watch him grow and explore the world around him-he is an amazing little boy! Austin-Mommy LOVES you TOO MUCH! I am so proud of you----XOXOXO

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