Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nicholas turns 10!!!!

Yes, my first baby boy turned 10 years old on August 7th.  Where has this decade gone????  We celebrated his birthday with friends and family at a local sports center---Nick chose kickball and roller skating!  He had a blast---a thank you to all of our friends and family for being so generous to him!  On his "actual" birthday, we took all the kids to Point Pleasant Boardwalk---and spent the day eating pizza, and going on rides!  What a lucky boy! 
From the day he was born, Nick has always been strong.  I remember clearly after he was born, he heard my voice, and he turned his head towards my direction.  Amazing!  And now, ten years later, he continues to be a strong little boy, among other things! :)  Nicholas LOVES sports----ALL sports!  LOL  He plays travel baseball, travel soccer, basketball, participates in karate, and Cub Scouts.  He is a pitcher, a first baseman, a point guard, a forward.....He loves all of them!  And I enjoy watching him play--such a natural. :) 

To my Nicholas, my Bubba, my Little Man......I am so proud of the little man you are becoming!  You make me laugh, you put a smile on my face, you're caring, and sensitive, and strong.  :)  I am so lucky to have been chosen to be your Mom.  Happy 10th birthday, my boy....Mommy loves you too much.  :)

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