Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girls' Christmas Dance Recital

This was a great year of DANCE in our family. This year, Lexi celebrated TEN years of dance with the studio she attends. CAN'T believe it's been TEN years since she's started. I look at her first dance pics and seriously, it seems like yesterday. AND this year, the little girls started dance class! We TRIED class LAST year, however, *I* ended up taking the class, NOT them! So this year, they went with the teachers with no problem, and enjoy it! They are in a ballet/acrobatic/tap class that meets weekly. Both really enjoy it. They had their first recital in December. Lexi did a jazz number to "Little Drummer Boy" and was REALLY good. The little girls did a "ballet" to "I'm the Greatest Star"....SUPER glad I have it on video for years to come.... :-) SO proud of all three of my girls...

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