Sunday, March 11, 2007

Update and pics of our girls

Here is a pic of Emma (top) and Katie (bottom) from Friday. They had matching outfits on and looked adorable!
Anyway, I went to see Katie today (thanks to Patti for watching all the other kiddos) and she looked good. She did have this horrible wretching (almost a vomiting but nothing came up). I spoke with the doctor and she seems to think the wretching is caused by a combination of her reflux and her tracheamalacia. Otherwise, everything came back negative. No respiratory viruses, no meningitis-they are simply calling this a pneumonia caused by her aspiration of formula. They will attempt to remove her off the nasal cannula oxygen tonight and begin her tube feedings and see how she does. Tomorrow, the feeding team will evaluate her to make sure she is safe to swallow her one ounce twice a day. The feeling is that she may be home tomorrow as long as she progresses how they expect her to.
Hopefully, tomorrow, all four babies will be together again.............

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
glad to hear that Katie should be coming home soon...I will keep praying for her!