Saturday, March 10, 2007

Katie's back in the hospital.............

Last night, Katie vomited again. It seems as if every time she vomits, she aspirates, and ends up back in the hospital. I gave her the Phenylbarbitol med (antiseizure med), and a short time later, she threw up. As soon as she threw up, she began coughing a lot, and breathing heavier. This continued for about an hour at least. I called a friend and finally her doctor around midnight. He said, that because of her heavy breathing, she should be taken to Mercer. Luckily, my mom came over to check on her, Tom had come home from work, and we whisked her off to Mercer. Before you know it, Mercer called CHOP, and the ambulance was there! She did not seize last night; I think we caught it early. Her lungs looked clear last night, however the doc said it could take up to 24 hours for an xray to show something. We arrived at CHOP around 4am and she was in the ER. She was breathing heavy and as such, had a high respiratory rate. We kept her elevated in her carseat; that helped her breathing. She was on an oxygen mask; and we are just thankful she did not need to be intubated again. In any event, Tom and I left the hospital this morning, came home, and got some sleep this afternoon. (I slept on the recliner in the living room. Marc and Lexi were a GREAT help with the babies. They took care of them all afternoon-I am giving them a nice cash payment for the help! I needed the sleep!) Anyway, Tom is up there tonight to visit her. He took Nicholas with him. (Nicky wants some candy from the gift store!) I spoke with the nurse a few hours ago and she seems to think Katie had another seizure around 10am this morning. Ironic enough, that was about 12 hours from her vomiting, much like the seizure last month............12 hours from vomiting. They did bloodwork but are awaiting the results. Neurology did an EEG but we have not heard those results either. From what I understand, the docs seem to think she aspirated when she vomited, and again, that caused a seizure. We are still waiting to hear a more definite answer. Nurse said she is doing great, though. She's sleeping comfortably, her respiratory rate is down, and she looks good.................Nurse kept saying what a cutie pie she was...........We already know that!!!

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