Friday, March 23, 2007

Are we getting teeth????

So, this is my Matty. He has been soooo fussy and having this piercing cry for a week or so now. He has not taken his bottle well either. I thought this was all due to his severe reflux issues, so I made sure I made a follow up appointment with the GI doc at CHOP............WELL, Tom bathed him tonight and noticed two white spots on his bottom gum in his mouth! They look like teeth coming in! They feel a little bumpy. Tom ran to CVS to buy some ambesol. Within 30 seconds of putting the ambesol in his mouth, he got quiet. Now, mind you, much like this picture, before the Ambesol, he was fussy and screaming bloody murder at head was pounding! Instantly, he calmed down. I ran to put some of the teethers in the freezer, and he like them as well! So, he is only 4 months 3 weeks, but I think we may have some teeth coming!!!!
Katie is still in the hospital. Her sodium is down to 146 and doing well. Tom spent the afternoon with her, giving her lots of kisses! Tonight the nurses tell me she is doing great, looks great, and has not had a diarrhea diaper in some time. Yay! She is tolerating her feeds well, so I think she will be home soon...........maybe Sunday or Monday, but we're not for sure yet.
And lastly, I ventured outside the home today! (Thanks to my friend, Sarah!!!!) Sarah convinced me that it is possible to take 3 babies to the mall......................and we did! It was so nice to get out of the house and be among other people! I bought some things and just enjoyed being out of my living room....................The babies did well, they only slept a little, and enjoyed looking at the different surroundings. But, boy, were we a spectacle! Everywhere we went, people came up to us..................and most people were great. Nothing but nice things to say about the babies and me. They were just amazed to see triplets, not realizing we were actually quads!! Imagine all the other people we would have amazed!!! Next time, right, Katie girl?????


kim said...

hi ann
glad you were able to get out of the house it is funny how many people come up to us when we take the boys out I can only imagine having all of them with you. Glad to here katie is doing better she is such an amazing girl! Matty he is such a big boy already teething already the other better look out he might bite them!!Talk to you soon....

Brandi said...

Venturing out with multiples... always a good time! :) You will always be a sight of amazement for everyone no matter where you go-- get used to it! It's all good!
Glad you had a nice time out! :)

Brandi said...

p.s. Glad to hear Katie is doing better! She's a tough little cookie! :) And... Matty teething, already! Gotta love ambesol/orajel... What a lifesaver! :)

Jo said...

Wow, I battle going out with one baby and one 4 yr old, can't imagine the mall with 3 babies.
On the teeth, Ava is 3 mos 3 weeks old and guess what? For about a week she's been fussy, chewing on her fist, drooling, and has not been sleeping the best, especially for naps. It feels like she's getting her 2 bottom teeth. I am totally shocked! I have yet to grab baby orajel/ambesol either, but that's a good idea!

Sarah said...

I had a lot of fun with you and the babies. Glad I was able to see Katie before I had to come back to Michigan. Can't wait to see how big they are in mid-May. You are doing an awesome job!