Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our first walk around the block!

From left to right, Emma, Katie, Austin, Matthew.
It was so nice last night. Tom and I had an adventure walking the babies around the block for the first time. So many neighbors came outside and loved looking at the babies. It was nice. We think the babies enjoyed the walking-we had minimal crying and many cat naps!!!
Katie had an unexpected visit to CHOP late last night. Tom was bringing her to bed and when he grabbed her from the swing, her J tube got caught on another swing, and came out! Her J tube is what she eats through, so the visit to the ER could not wait! Tom spent the night at the hospital with Katie, and we are still waiting for the radiologist to put the J tube back in. In the meantime, they have an IV in her for fluids, until she can eat again. Oh, my Katie girl can't get a break.................
Matty, Emma, and Austin are doing well. Austin has exzema (sp?) and he has scratches all over his face-his poor skin is so sensitive! Emma is still our little flirt-she will follow you with her googling eyes around the room, trying to get your attention, until you pick her up. Then when you do pick her up, she's all smiles.............And Matty is still growing! We can tell his belly still bothers him, and his teeth still hurt him, too. If it's not one thing, it's another!


Anonymous said...

what a cute picture ann! sorry about katie and her feeding tube.
how she is home quick!

Sarah said...

Poor Katie! Poor you! Good for you for getting out though. Hope she's home already.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on ya!