Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nick's soccer practice tonight

I took the kids to Nick's soccer practice tonight, and boy, was it chilly!!!! I must say, I did attempt to get a pic of Katie, but that little devil would NOT look at the camera!!!!! She was playing games with me! :)
PS-Thanks, Brandi for the jackets-the girls wore them tonight already! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Do I have a beautician in the making?

Anybody want their hair brushed???

Beautiful blue eyed and silly Emma!

Look at those EYES! And silly face! :)

Austin got a haircut!

OMG-doesn't he look just like Nicholas????

Sleeping update................

There really isn't any! :) In this past week, though, I have learned that I could have just bought TWO toddler beds, rather than FOUR! :) My kids continue to sleep together in the beds, with maybe one venturing out on his/her own. (Notice the EMPTY toddler beds!) Naptime is still a struggle-I am hoping it gets better soon. They wake up @ 7am, and I put them down for a nap around 11ish. They play and raise he** until about 1pm. Then they'll sleep till 3 or so. So, technically they are in their room for 4 hours but only sleep 2. And then I wake them up to make sure they'll go to bed at 8ish. I feel mean leaving them in their room that long-but what else am I to do? Suggestions, anyone???? Or is this just all new to them, and they will eventually go to sleep sooner?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Emma and Katie's trip to the doc's office!

So, I had a weight check appointment for Katie this past friday at the ped's office. When we woke up Friday morning, Emma was very clingy. Just not herself. So I decided to bring both girls to the appointment. It turns out my Emma has a right ear infection................so off to the drug store we went to fill an antibiotic prescription! And my katie-on 7/3 she weighed 20 lbs 11.5 oz. Today she weighed 20 lbs 14.5 oz. But then the ped had me weigh her on a "big person" stnad up scale, instead of the baby scale, and she weighed in at 22 lbs. So, I'll take that! Ped is not concerned-he seems to think that still her weight will take off at some point. She does not look malnourished or anything-she's just petite............ :)

A Star Soccer Player!

Nick is totally a natural when it comes to sports. He has done exceptionally well this year in soccer, scoring an average of SIX goals per game! He is fast, has fancy feet, and a lot of endurance! Nothing like his mama! :) But JUST LIKE his daddy! :) And boy does he have a competitive spirit (also JUST LIKE his daddy!)-he got mad at one of the games last weekend b/c the other team scored a goal..................well, my six year old son, decides to drop to the grass in the field during a time out, and start doing ONE HANDED PUSH UPS! Yes, what other 6yo knows how to do ONE HANDED PUSH UPS? OMG-it was hysterical.............He had his game face on and all.............. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pics of my cuties from today.....

Some days my kids LOVE cheesing it up for the camera...............especially Katie!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Girls' turn!

Ok, so maybe I should have only bought ONE toddler bed. As you can see, we now have three toddler beds up (I am buying the fourth tomorrow!), but of course, all FOUR kids ended up in the same bed tonight! Although I did check on them a bit ago, and Katie was on the floor..........poor things-look at them! They are soooo sweet........... :) Good night, little ones. Mommy loves you. :)

Toddler Beds!!!! Yikes!!!!!

Yes, last night Matty and Austin began using toddler beds. Or should I say BED. lol. We bought these really cute toddler beds for the boys........All four kids were super excited to jump and even dive on the beds. But when it came time to sleep, well, that was another story. The boys eventually did fall asleep, but in the SAME bed.............how cute! The girls' turn will be tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Quadruplet Love! :)

The babies were having a major "love fest" in the house tonight...............It was soooooo cute that they were loving on each other sooo much. Check it out! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tommy's Birthday!

We celebrated Daddy's 33rd birthday on Thursday night. I made stuffed shells and meatballs, and my mom brought over a salad. YUMMY! The kids devoured the shells-even ate them again tonight for leftovers! :) Anyway, Tom was very surprised with a new bottle of cologne from the kids! He went out today to get his "big" birthday present-a new TATTOO............I'll post pics when I see what he gets done. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

At Nanny's house..........

The kids spent some time today at Nanny's and Poppy's house...........I laugh at this picture. The girls were being as ornery as ever (even though Katie is looking SOOOO innocent!), and check out Matty snoozing away............. :)

Mommy and Emma time........

Since Lexi has one of her dance classes on Friday nights now, I decided to take just one baby with me to do the drop off/pick up. Since Emma was a "handfull" to say the least that night, I chose her! She and I had a blast!!! It was soooo weird to have just ONE baby with me. A good weird. Sooo funny that I went to put her in the cart at Walmart, and she was like baffled as to where to put her feet!!!! She had no clue! So we walked around Walmart just to stall for time and Emma was pointing to all the "princess" clothes and saying "pretty!!".............too cute!!! It was nice to get out with just one-I felt like I was able to really listen to her.................see her beautiful smile????!!!!

Austin trying on underwear???

All of the babies LOVE to play dress up...........or really just putting on any and all SHOES they can find aro und the house. But, now Austin has a new way to dress up................in Nicky's underwear!!!! As you can see in the pic, I have a basket of clothes that needed to be folded (as always!)............so Austin found a pair of Nicky's underwear and put them on all by himself! And they FIT!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emma is sick..........

Yes, my little Emma is sick. She has been "off" for a few days now, but I just couldn't pinpoint what was going on with her. Over the weekend, she wasn't eating well, but I really didn't think it was anything. (Although my mom knew she was sick...Moms are always right I am slowly learning!) Anyway today, Emma woke up with nonstop crying, and then was clinging to me most of the morning. She had a fever, and got really hot from it. Since Lexi doesn't start school until tomorrow, I decided to put the other three down for a nap, and just take Emma to the pediatrician. Lexi would be able to keep an eye on the other three for me. So, pediatrician checked her ears and throat, which I assumed was the culprit, but NO, everything was PERFECT. We ended up doing a urine test, and it came back that she has a bladder infection! I never imagined that. I went to two CVS's to get the prescription filled, but both of them had to order it-they wanted me to wait 3 days for the medicine??!!! I ended up checking with Walgreens, and luckily, they had it. So we gave her the first dose tonight, and have to continue it for two weeks. I am hoping she feels better tomorrow. I have to say my Katie knew Emma was sick. Emma would lay on me or Tom, and Katie would come over and rub Emma's back....................soooo sweet how they care about each other already! I love it!

1st grade ???!!!!!!?!?!?!

Yes, my little boy is a big 1st grader now! I am so proud and sad at the same time. Where did my little "Bubba" go? He was soooo happy about school today. He said it was "GREAT!" and he was sooo super excited about his teacher and seeing his old friends again. He had a half day today, but asked to go to the After School Program, so he could hang out with his friends more! He was so super tired tonight-it was a BIG day! For Nicky and for Mommy, too! :)

Our playdate in Delaware!

The Wilke gang travelled down to Delaware this past Sunday to hang out with the Kennedy boys. I met Jill through the MOST (Mothers of SuperTwins) website, as we are both dealing with trying to "fatten" up our little ones. I have learned a great deal from Jill, and she has become a friend to me. Anyway, we realized that we live a little over an hour from each other-definitely close enough for a playdate! We had a GREAT time. All of the kids played well together, and Jill and I actually got to talk, too! It wasn't too crazy! :) We look forward to seeing them again soon! :)

Lexi's new school haircut!

Well, as mom to SEVEN children, I have been looking for ways to cut some corners financially. In the past, I have taken Lexi to the beauty salon to get her hair cut and relaxed, and spend over $100 every 6 weeks or so. Well, I found out recently that the Empire Beauty School has their senior students perform beauty services for cheap! Lexi got 3.5 inches cut off, and her hair relaxed for a mere $36!!!! Yay-what a GREAT deal----and her hair looks GREAT! :)