Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Star Soccer Player!

Nick is totally a natural when it comes to sports. He has done exceptionally well this year in soccer, scoring an average of SIX goals per game! He is fast, has fancy feet, and a lot of endurance! Nothing like his mama! :) But JUST LIKE his daddy! :) And boy does he have a competitive spirit (also JUST LIKE his daddy!)-he got mad at one of the games last weekend b/c the other team scored a goal..................well, my six year old son, decides to drop to the grass in the field during a time out, and start doing ONE HANDED PUSH UPS! Yes, what other 6yo knows how to do ONE HANDED PUSH UPS? OMG-it was hysterical.............He had his game face on and all.............. :)


Sarah said...

Go Nick Go!!! Crazy strong!!!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I am glad Nicky is doing so well playing soccer... The one handed puch ups must have been great to see I am sure Tom was very proud!