Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nick's soccer practice tonight

I took the kids to Nick's soccer practice tonight, and boy, was it chilly!!!! I must say, I did attempt to get a pic of Katie, but that little devil would NOT look at the camera!!!!! She was playing games with me! :)
PS-Thanks, Brandi for the jackets-the girls wore them tonight already! :)


Brandi :) said...

lol... As soon as I looked at the pic of Emma, I was like "Hey! She can use the jackets already!" and then I saw you commented. :)
So glad that your girls can use the clothes, etc. As I have found, as well, they are a BIG help and often come in handy.

Sarah said...

It has been soooo hot here (80s!!!) I can't wait to pull out the jackets. I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed that your kiddos sit still during his practice! Mine can't sit still long enough for me to try on a pair of jeans!!!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
As always great pictures....Katie what a little stinker not looking at mommy! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie
What cute kids!! Love to follow all the quad blogs. My daughter is 18wks 5 days with quads. She is on the Tubre blog, (AzCrisanti quads.) Just found out 3girls, 1 boy--so excited. We love to read how you all did it, and pick up on ideas. Seems like you have it all down!!
If you have any ideas for kami, you can leave a mssg on her blog, we love to hear!
Phoenix Grami of soon to be quads!!


Thanks so much for saying hi! I see my mom left a comment. She's funny. Your kids are soooo cute. My mom is right....any advice anyone ever has for me is so appreciated. I'll have to check out your blog more. Thanks again. Kami