Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mommy and Emma time........

Since Lexi has one of her dance classes on Friday nights now, I decided to take just one baby with me to do the drop off/pick up. Since Emma was a "handfull" to say the least that night, I chose her! She and I had a blast!!! It was soooo weird to have just ONE baby with me. A good weird. Sooo funny that I went to put her in the cart at Walmart, and she was like baffled as to where to put her feet!!!! She had no clue! So we walked around Walmart just to stall for time and Emma was pointing to all the "princess" clothes and saying "pretty!!".............too cute!!! It was nice to get out with just one-I felt like I was able to really listen to her.................see her beautiful smile????!!!!


Brandi :) said...

Awww.... a little "girls night out"! :) That's great! Being a multiple and always being out with multiples, it's amazing what you both discover when you are out on your own! :)

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
That is great that you got some one on one time with Emma. I am sure she enjoyed it just as much as you did!