Monday, December 8, 2008


This is not the best pic (camera phone!), but the babies saw snow for the first time tonight......we were leaving the mall and it was snowing! Emma and Matty were so amazed-they kept trying to put their hands up and "catch" the snow! So cute!!!!


Brandi :) said...

lol... SNOW!! Little flakes, BIG excitement! :) Playing in the snow should be FUN this year! That reminds me, I think I have some snow gear for you. :)

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
Cute picture.....I love when the kids all see something for the first time it is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

This is Kami's Mom in Phoenix--We LOVE snow and as you can imagine, don't see much of it. Kami's older daughter is such a snow lover we try and make it up to the mountain towns to at least play in some!! Cute pics of kids. Kami is 29wks today!!! Still home, very miserable tho--Have fun

Dorinda said...

I LOVE snow and I can't wait to take the girls out in it this year - we got one snow last year - that's it - one! Lame. I am really hoping this year is sooo much more! Don't you just love their excitement at all the new things?? Just imagine when they actually understand what Christmas is. Not sure if that will be a nightmare or a joy :)

Denise Wheeler said...

Cute picture. Better you than me with the snow though! :)