Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas tree tonight! Since Tom and I have been married, we always bought a "real" tree. (I grew up with always an artificial tree!) Anyway, this year Tom wanted to cut one down himself-he wants it to be part of our family Christmas tradition. So off to the hardware store we went, to get a really sharp saw! Then off to the Farm. By the time we got there, the girls were fast asleep-so we only took the boys out of the van, and Lexi stayed behind with the girls. We searched and searched, and boy, was it a very "outdoorsy" thing to do...........the boys were falling all over the rocks/vines, and so was I! One vine even wrapped around my ankle (I wasn't wearing socks!) and scraped me!!! Anyway, we found our "perfect" tree and Tom cut it down. Tom came home and shaped it up, and it is now lit with white lights in front of our bay window. I hope to get it decorated tomorrow night............ :)


Brandi :) said...

This is awesome! What a cool tradition to start. I like the pic of all of the proud boys together with their tree! :) What a great moment to capture.
p.s. be sure to post pics of the tree when it's finished! :)

Tricia said...

What an adventure....we've not had vines at the farms we've been too :) The one we have gone to last year and this year provide saws, a sled to bring your tree in to get it shaked and wrapped....and even a tree bag for disposal (LOVE THIS)...when you go into pay you get hot chocolate n' popcorn :) I know we're spoiled!

Dorinda said...

Yea! I love Christmas trees :) We are hoping to pick ours out tonight - I love real trees best!!

I also wanted to add that Rachel weighed 22.10 pounds at her check-up last week which is just ounces more then your Katie and Rachel was 4.8 at birth!! So I would have to say that Katie is doing very well :)

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
What a nice tradition to start. The boys all look so happy in there picture. I hope you have fun decorating the tree....are you decorating the whole tree thsi year or just the top half again?