Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An afternoon at CHOP

Katie had a GI checkup at CHOP today. I brought both girls with me, while Daddy had both boys and had to pick up Nicky from school. The girls and I had a GREAT time together. I brought their leashes and they did really well. They held hands as I "led" them the way...... :) Too cute! Anyway, when we arrived, we saw the appointment secretary who knows us too well (since Matty and Katie both see GI docs!) She was so excited to give the girls baby dolls for Christmas. Apparently, people donate new toys to CHOP, and then these toys are disbursed to the sick children at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, and are also given to those kids that see specialists at the Hospital. My girls were SO excited to have new baby dolls to play with.........Emma chose a doll that has a "binky" and a bottle.......She was even trying to bottle feed Katie!!!! :) They carried around their dolls all day and night! :) So, I guess my point is, if anyone is around donation boxes for CHOP or any other children's facility, please donate as I saw today firsthand the excitement my girls had for getting a new toy!!! Thank you again, CHOP! :)
By the way, Katie's appointment went well. She is not discharged YET, but the doctor wants me to call him in six months with her weight, and we'll take it from there. She was 22 lbs 4 oz today, and 32 1/2 inches tall. She is hovering the 3rd-5th % for weight and has been consistent at this. Doc doesn't seem concerned.........Yay! :)


Brandi :) said...

OMG-- the girls look SO happy! What an awesome thing for CHOP to do for the kiddies! I will definitely keep my eye out for their donation drops.
As for Katie, what good news! :) She's doing SO well.

Misty said...

Yeah Katie!!!!! That is great!
We use to cut our own tree down as kids too. But my hubby is in love with his artificial (from before getting married). Enjoy your tree! I can't wait to see the pics

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I am glad to hear that Katie is doing so well...that is great news!
Brandi is right the girls do look so happy with the dolls...I will also be checking for the donation boxes for CHOP.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than a new baby doll for Christmas!!
That is a great weight for Katie!! Keep fattening her up and pretty soon you won't have to visit CHOP nearly as often :-)
PS- love the tree pics! we used to do that every year growing up and I was so mad the year my parents got a "fake" tree. Now I feel so guilty because all my kids know is a "fake" tree!