Friday, December 19, 2008

Four pukey kids!!!

I just took this pic a few minutes ago while checking on the little ones......sooo cute, all together on one bed!
We had a nightmare of a day. An absolute bad day.
When I woke up this morning, I did notice that Austin has throw up on his pajamas. He seemed fine and had no symptoms, so I thought maybe it was a fluke thing.
Fast forward to naptime. Tom was home today b/c Nicholas had his Holiday concert tonight. Well, the kids kept taking their diapers OFF. Tom and I would go in there and continue to put their diapers back on. Anyway, Tom and I laid down for an hour b/c we were exhausted, and when we got up, we realized the kids had had a "POOP PARTY" while we napped. Yes, the carpets, walls, you name it were covered in POOP. Katie was covered in poop. We almost took a pic of her to blackmail her with when she's about sixteen years old!!!!! :) But we didn't. :) Needless to say, between me bathing them, and Tom and I cleaning up the room, our afternoon was gone. Amongst the poop, we also found piles of throw up. Ugh. Nothing so gross as vomit and poop together. Trust me.
As you can imagine, everything they ate tonight, came back up. Emma is the only one not throwing up, but I'm sure she will be before long. I guess I can be happy that it happened now and they will be feeling good for Santa!!!! :) In the meantime, let's hope the rest of us (MEE!!!!) don't get it!


Diana said...

Ohhh, brutal! I know just with three kids, the flus can be hard as it becomes a vicious circle, I can't imagine the battles you must face! Oh goodness! Lord bless her with Mommy Grace and help her to stay healthym and help the kids be well for CHRISTmas! Let it be a 24 hour bug and be well TOMORROW! In Jesus' name!

Tricia said...

Annie---I don't know how you didn't puke....girl I hope they get to feeling beter and MORE so I hope they decide to leave their diapers ON.

Praying for a very Merry and HEALTHY Christmas for your family!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
Sorry to hear that you and Tom had such a crappy day. I hope the kids are all feeling better soon!

Sarah said...

UGH!!! You have my sympathy! Hope they heal quickly and it doesn't spread to everyone!

MaryBeth said...

oh gross! here's hoping and praying the rest of you stay bug free.

Jill said...

Your poor babies!! I love how they all snuggle together. I'll be thinking positive thoughts that you stay healthy and everyone feels better when Santa arrives.

Brandi :) said...

OMG-- what a truly CRAPPY day!!!!!!! "Poop parties" are NEVER fun and OMG-- vomit on top of it... OMG! I am sitting here with my mouth open & feeling so bad for you! OMG-- what a day! I am SO hoping (for you, especially) that everyone is feeling better today and a little duct tape will help keep those diapers on... lol! :)
Oh the joys of parenthood! If you can do this, you can do anything! :)
Stay well!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like my kids last week! I finally had to seperate my boys to get them to stop taking off their diapers and palying at bedtime! I am just so done with poop....only not so much having 3 left in diapers :( Good luck with everything!