Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pictures from today

Katie, Austin, Emma, Matthew. Matty is really starting to fill out-I think he's starting to look more like Austin every day. It's so nice to see the 0-3 month clothes actually get a little tighter on him!!!


kim said...

beautiful pictures as always!
you are so lucky!

Brandi said...

They are all TOO cute!! :)

Tricia said...

ANnie, I agree...the boys really are favoring each other. I see similarities in all four, but they are each so different in their own way. People say the same about my kids...but sincerely it's the boys that really favor each other. Thanks for updating the blog!

Anonymous said...

Boy have you been the busy blogger!, or I have been a bad reader!
Congrats on the van!
The Quad-Mob looks great. I am so glad they are doing all so well.
Hugs to you.