Saturday, May 5, 2007

Look how they have grown!

The first pic was taken 12/31/06, before Katie girl came home from the NICU. But this pic (taken tonight) is taken on the same chair-look how much they have grown in 5 months! With them being around me every day, I know they are growing, but I haven't realized how much they have grown!!!!!!!!!!!!! The old pic shows Austin, Emma, and Matty. The new pic shows (in birth order) Matty, Emma, Katie, and 4 big pumpkins!


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful....i love the pictures!!!

Brandi said...

WOW!!! They are all so beautiful and getting SO big! Too big, too fast for Mommy & Daddy, I'm sure! Children are SO amazing!
It's so wonderful to see them ALL together!!! :)