Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here is our new "ride"!

It doesn't get better than this, right???? 12 passenger Ford E350 van..........oh, life is good! haha. But, I drove it tonight, and it was soo nice to get out of the house with the kids by myself. So, even though it is enormous, our family needs it! So, you all will see us coming when we drive down the street!


Brandi said...

The "family wagon" has arrived!! :) So happy you guys finally got it. I'm sure it will serve more your family well in many ways for many years-- that's what counts, right! I do like the color, by the way! Best of luck with it. :)
We just have to face it-- life with children, especially with multiples and more, requires a VAN of some kind!! We'll get our "hot little rides" one day... when the kids get OLDER, of course! :)

Sarah said...

It's not that bad. I saw a Chevy that had a door on the driver side too. When we need a new one, that looks like it will be something like that since our Astro was discontinued. The "minivan" just doesn't have enough room for stuff. You'll get used to driving a small village in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
Good Luck with the new van!
I am sure you are so glad to get out of the house where did you go on your first trip out?