Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Our little burrito....................

So, this is what Matty looks like when he goes to bed at night.....................all swaddled up and nowhere to go! I have to say I have become an excellent swaddler! He sleeps in a boppy at night-the elevation seems to help his reflux.
So, Katie made it safely to CHOP today. Tom went up to see her this afternoon and she look great! Tom says her room looks like a normal hospital room (she shares it with another baby separated by a sliding curtain). She even has her own television-not that she will use it!! We are able to bring up a swing and bouncy seat for her, as well as clothes for her to wear. I have packed all that up tonight-I will bring to her tomorrow morning. Since she's over 2 months old now, she wants to be stimulated-no more just laying in a crib; she wants to play! Anyway, nurses told Tom they are attempting to schedule her repeat MRI, repeat scope, and repeat swallow study. Nurses also told Tom that if the G tube is necessary, she will come home one week after they put that in. But, we are still hoping she will bottlefeed!

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