Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Katie's GJ tube............

Katie is scheduled to have her "GJ" tube put in this Friday, 1/19/07. Docs seem to think she will be home within days! We're so excited! With this GJ tube, she will have to fed through her belly. We are told this is temporary-maybe anywhere from six months to one year. She will be on 18 hour continuous feeds, with two 3 hour breaks per day. During these two 3 hour breaks, I will bottlefeed her a formula thickened with a rice/oatmeal mixture. When her swallow study was done, it was determined that she has frank aspiration with thin liquids, while she does much better with thick liquids. In any event, we are excited to have her home soon!

Matthew is doing better. At his weight check on Monday, he was 6.3lbs, up from 5.9 on 1/4/07. He is on Alimentum and I put cereal in his bottle. It seems to have helped a lot with his comfortability and overall behavior. He cries less and acts as if he is in less pain. He will have another weight check in one week-so we hope he is around 6.10lbs by then.

On advice from a friend, I bought a front carrier from BAbies R Us. It has been a godsend with Matty and Emma. They sleep very peacefully while laying on my chest..................and I get to keep my arms free! What an excellent invention!

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