Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doctor Visit.........

So, we went to the Doctor yesterday for Synagis shots (RSV) for Matty, Emma, and Austin, as well as first visit for Katie, and weight check for Matty. It took Tom and I awhile to get them ready for the big adventure out in the snow! Anyway, doctor's visit went well. The weights at 2 months, 3 weeks are:
Austin 12 lbs!
Emma 9.9 lbs
Kaitlin 8.3 lbs (she was discharged from hospital last Tuesday weighing 7.6 lbs-she gained almost 1 lb in one week!)
Matthew 6.10 lbs (he gained 3.5 oz from last week)
Doctor and I are both converned about Matty's weight. We have decided to make his formula a 27 calorie formula compared to a 20 calorie formula. Doctor hopes the higher calories will make him put on the weight. We will continue with the Prevacid and see how he does.
Doctor said Katie is doing wonderful. Once she hits 9-10 lbs, we will increase her bottle feeding amount. We are very excited about that!

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