Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I can't believe they are THREE years old!!!!

Noooooo, not my little ones..............but our friends, the Zerilli triplets! Time really does fly by! :) We went to their birthday party on Monday and had sooo much fun!!!! Even Nicholas was having way too much fun dressing up as a princess! :) (Daddy was LOVING that! :) ) The kids loved playing with all of the different toys and LOVED having all the yummy treats!!!! I think my kids mastered the work "cracker" from the party!!! :) As many of you know, I still feed my kids a lot of their meals, b/c quite frankly, it is just easier onme. So I was pleasantly surprised whenmy four sat down to eat cake, and they all did a pretty good job. Minimal mess!!! I think Mommy has to learn to cut "some" of the apron strings!!! :)
Happy 3rd Birthday to Juliana, Micaela, and Anthony!!!! Thank you for inviting us toyour birthday party-we had a GREAT time!!!!!!! We need to get together again soon!!! :)

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Brandi (and the kiddies) said...

Hello Wilke crew!
We are SO HAPPY that ALL of you came over to celebrate our 3rd birthday with us! We had a lot of fun playing and partying with all of you, too... hope we can do it again soon!

Love... Anthony, Juliana, & Micaela -- the newest 3 year olds on the block! :)