Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No nap!

So this is what happens in our home when there is no nap! :) The other day, once we put them down for nap, the girls and boys decided to have a "poop party". Ugh. So, after cleaning up the "party" room and the "party-goers", I decided they were staying up the rest of the day. No way in He** was I cleaning and shampooing that room AGAIN!!! Soooo, by dinnertime, Matty, Katie, and Emma were passed out on the couch..................Austin had slept earlier in the day, so he was a happy camper playing with his blocks alone-not having to share!


Anonymous said...

Oh NO!! Not again!! I thought they were finally over the poop party. I hope it doesn't happen again!

Brandi :) said...

They were all "partied" out, I guess. Just too bad it was a "poop party". I am hoping the novelty of poop parties wears off soon... for you! :) Hang in there, Momma!

The Huling Family said...

Oh, Ann, we are going through the same thing. The kids won't keep their clothes or diapers on. This is not just at nap time, it's all day long. Right now they are living in overalls but I don't know what I'm going to do when they figure out the crotch snaps. I don't know how you do it!