Saturday, January 24, 2009

Matty's bloodwork

So, for the first time, I ventured off to South Jersey ALONE with four little ones to have Matty's blood drawn for a number of tests the GI doctor has ordered. It went well! I was impressed with myself! :)
We did see Matty's nutritionist around the second week of January. He only gained about 1gram/day since October. A "normal" weight gain is between 5-10grams/day for his age group. This is concerning to us. I am already giving him all types of high fat/calorie foods and supplementing his milk intake with a special drink that offers 355 calories/8oz. And he eats! So I am not sure why he is not gaining----trust me, I could just LOOK at that drink, and I'd gain 10 lbs!!! :) So, in any event, the GI doc has ordered a number of blood tests done to rule out things. Matty did well and t he nurse did great----she got a vein with just ONE stick...........wonderful compared to the six/seven sticks he had back in September where they couldn't find a vein. I have also scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist so we can have him evaluated and see if there is anything else going on with him that we are not aware of...........I'll update with the bloodwork results as soon as I know. :)


Anonymous said...

This is probably the next step for Gavin if the tube doesn't work. I really hope they find something insignificant that can be easily fixed...or better yet nothing...but sometimes that is the most frustrating result when you know there is something "not right".

Brandi :) said...

Poor little guy... more bloodwork, but at least they got him the 1st time around. 1 time is definitely ENOUGH, especially for a little guy. Hoping everything turns out OK for Matty.

p.s. Ann-- good job getting them all out together by yourself-- you go girl!