Monday, January 26, 2009

Katie's swallow study

So, Katie and I left the house by 7am this morning to drive to CHOP for her swallow study. I tell you, it is soooo nice to go somewhere with just ONE toddler. I really enjoy taking just ONE of them with me! :) Anyway, Katie did "earn" some stickers by doing a few good swallows! However, the Speech Therapists had to review the footage very carefully, b/c it appeared she did aspirate some. The ST mentioned "penetration" when she swallows-apparently, when she swallows, some of the liquid begins to go down the windpipe, but then Katie coughs, and corrects it. Which is agood sign. But it DID appear that a LITTLE does go into her lungs. UGH. So I am not sure what this totally means. It is a good sign that she has NOT had pneumonia in over a year-which I thought would be the case if she aspirated. However, upon talking to the ST, she mentioned that she does know kids that aspirate, but do not get pneumonia. So, in any event, the ST is going to reach out to the GI doc, ENT doc, and pediatrician. They will all confer and decide what the best course of action, if any, is for Katie. I think it is a good sign that the ST is allowing Katie to continue on her regular diet for now, so we'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted. :)


MaryBeth said...

I'll keep Katie in my prayers... that the doctors will come up with the best course of action for her!

Isn't it fun to just take one toddler out somewhere!! Glad you girls enjoyed your day out.

Brandi :) said...

Hoping all turns out okay with Katie. As always, she is in good hands all around. :)

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Sounds very scary! I have taken some of my older children to CHOP for the very same (yucky) swallow study , but have never had any have the liquid go into their lungs. I hope you are able to get some clear answers to treat your precious daughter.
~ Debi

PS I didn't realize you live so close to me and that our little ones are so close in age :) Mine were born on Oct. 7th.

PS if you get a chance, please take a look at my blog. I did a special blog post just for triplet and quad mommies.

Mark and Julie said...

I have a question for you....what prompted you to do this swallow study?
I'm asking because Ry has always been wheezy, much worse after he eats or drinks. We saw a pulmonologist when he was about 9 months because the wheezing was so severe, but he said his lungs were fine and suspected it was more likely that he was aspirating some of his bottle.

Denise Wheeler said...

Keeping Katie girl in my prayers. I will also keep all the docs in my prayers that they come up with the right answers for her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I am sure everthing will turn out great for Katie....she has the best people taking care of her!
Let us know how everthing goes.