Monday, November 3, 2008

2 years old!!!

My babies are officially two years old............where did the time go? I feel so blessed to be the mommy of these four amazing toddlers. They are thriving and amaze me every day.
Matthew, the "oldest", is still a Momma's boy. He has become more independent, but still comes running when something is bothering him. He is doing wonderful with his speech-so well that he has been discharged from Early Intervention! :) He may be the "smallest" of the group, but I think he might be the feisty-ist........He definitely fights for whatever he wants=normally, the play vacuum!!! :)
Emma, my first born daughter, continues to be the ring leader. Sometimes she seems so much older than the other three. She has begun to clean up when I ask her to-the toys might go over the gate into the kitchen, but hey, she is still getting them off the floor! :) She loves to hug her brothers and sisters..........she loves to be called "beautiful"-as Lexi does this soooo often!
Kaitlin, my Katie girl. Her personality has really come through this past year. Katie girl loves her Daddy, loves her Poppy, and loves her Uncle Vinny. Anytime any of these men are around her, she jumps right up on their laps and stays there. It is hard not to fall in love with this little angel. Tommy calls Katie the "pitbull".............meaning she has really developed her personality, if you know what I mean! :) She does not let the others get away with anything-You can hear her yelling at them from the other room! And if she wants something-boy, nothing stands in her way! :) She has come sooooo far in two years, and I am just so proud of her!
And Austin, my "big guy"............Austin LOVES to figure things out. He could sit for such a long time, working on zipping and unzipping, screwing caps off, etc. He loves things like that. Everything is "Mommy" right now...........and "shoes". If a door is open and it shouldn't be-it must bother him b/c he is like, "Mommy" and points to whatever. He still is our "big baby"............he is my baby, since he was the last born. But he is so big! He towers over the other three, but is so sensitive at the same time. He loves to suck his thumb, as does Katie, and cuddle up with one of Nanny's crocheted blankets.................
All four are doing really well. Emma, Katie, and Austin receive speech therapy 2x/month. Katie also receives Developmental Intervention with a PT 1x/month. The DI is just to make sure she continues to develop on track and there is no additional problems since she has dealt with so much already. All four are making great strides with their speech-it seems every day they come up with a new word for me! :)
Matthew, Emma, Kaitlin, and Austin: Mommy loves you so much. You four are my miracles-you continue to amaze me every day. I am so proud of each and every one of you...........Love, Mommy XOXOXO


kim said...

Hi Ann,
Happy Birthday to you all! I have loved watching you grow during the past two years. Thanks Ann for sharing your life with us!

The Huling Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mattie, Katie, Emma and Austin!!!
Congratulations on discharge on speech, Mattie.
Katie is a ladies man!
Emma is a princess!
Austin is very hands on!
Don't you wonder if they will be the same as they grow and when they are adults?

Moni Graf said...

Happy birthday Wilke Quads! Loved hearing about each of their personalities. It'll be fun watching them grow into 3 yr olds and it'll give me an idea of what's to come!

Love from KS,

Brandi :) said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Matty, Austin, Katie, & Emma!!! :)
Ann & Tom-- you are both so blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful, & amazing children.
p.s. Oh, and welcome to the age of multiple TODDLERS... oh what fun! :)

Love & lots of b-day wishes from all of us! :)

Misty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love the update on all of them and each of the details. You are such an amazing MOM!!!!!
I can't believe our quads are 2! (ok, mine have 7 more days, but still!!!!)
I'm wishing you, your hubby, and ALL of your kiddos many blessings as you begin the next year!
MOM to gggg quads.

Tricia said...

Annie- what a sweet, sweet post about your babies turnign two...dreading this day for Tommy...