Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Real" haircuts for the girls! :)

Well, last night, Daddy surprised me and said that I was "allowed" to get the girls' hair cut professionally! I was shocked! But, rather than stay in the disbelief, I literally woke up this morning, and RAN to the closest hair salon with my little ones! :) I didn't want to give Daddy the opportunity to change his mind! So I made sure I got there before his first break @ work! :) lol Anyway, the girls did really well. Their great big brother, Nicholas, decided to get his hair trimmed, too. He was soooo concerned about the girls-he figured if they saw him get his hair cut, then maybe they wouldn't be afraid. Very sweet..........Katie did GREAT. She sat right up in the chair, was "chatting" away, and smiling the whole time. Emma, on the other hand, clung to me. She is a "momma's girl". I sat with her while her hair was cut. No crying, just lots of clinginess, and some puckering of the lip, too! :) Both girls got a nice bang cut (which they had before in a salon) but also got a good trim on the back. Tom was frantic that they would cut too much hair off (he was dreading the "bowl" cut I had when I was little!), but I think their hair looks great. In the end, everyone got a lollipop and they were as happy as can be! :)
PS-I was "yelled" at a bit from the beautician. Seems I cut the girls' bangs a little too much! She was saying my Katie had layers-they are NOT layers, only me cutting their bangs crazy! Oops! A tip for the moms-apparently, when you cut their bangs, you cut eyebrow to eyebrow. I didn't know that-I think I cut ear to ear! Oops! :)


Brandi :) said...

They look adorable! Very cute haircuts! :)
You made a good decision, Dad... good deal rushing out before he could change his mind, Mom! lol...
p.s. Don't feel bad... I too recently found out you only cut from end of eye brow to end of eye brow... who knew!? lol... I'm with ya there, sister! I always thought temple to temple! :)

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
The girls look wonderful! I love there haircuts they look like little ladies! Too Cute!

Fulton Quads said...

VERY cute! I cannot wait until my girls hair actually grows long enough to be cut! I have trimmed Cam's bangs but the twins top hair has not grown. I think I too cut ear to ear! What was I thinking?? LOL!

Misty said...

Excellent tip! I think I cute ear to ear on a few of mine too! Oh, well. At least they are too young to be scarred at this time by a bad bang cut.
Your girls are adorabale as always!
ps I wish you lived close, I have a feeling we would have a great time together!

Denise Wheeler said...

Oh my gosh!!! They look so grown up. They are such pretty little girls. I learned something new. I didn't know about end of eyebrow to end of eyebrow. I too thought it was temple to temple.
My hubby had to convince me to get Lucy's hair cut. I cried like an idiot when we did it.

Jennifer said...

adorable, they look so cute with their new cuts. quick take your family holiday photo :)

Tripletblessed said...

Such pretty girls. That was so sweet of big brother to go first so they wouldn't be scared. We finally gave up on bangs and now just waiting forever for them to grow back. I wasn't very good at cutting them and never managed to keep them anywhere near straight.