Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A playdate with friends!

Today we visited Kim and her twin boys: Joseph and Nicholas. I met Kim back when she was pregnant with the boys and I was pregnant with my four. (although I thought only 3!!! lol) We were due around the same time, and it was so comforting to have a friend go through the pregnancy with you. We emailed A LOT, comparing notes on everything!!!! Anyway, we FINALLY got the kiddos together today at her place. They have a fenced in park (OMG-check out my next post!) that we walked to near her place. The kids had a FUN time. They played, we ate pizza, cheese doodles and cookies, and in the midst of craziness with my four, Austin drank Ginger Ale!!!!! :) Isn't that first pic the cutest thing? I am so impressed that all six kids sat so nice for their picture to be taken...........we must be doing something right, huh Kim??? And last is a pic of Nicholas holding their rabbit. He wanted to hold the rabbit the entire time we were there today-he finally did and was s uper excited about it all day! Thanks for having us, Kim. We'll do it again soon! :)


Brandi :) said...

Lovin' the bench pic! :) too cute!

Kim said...

Hi Ann,
I am so glad we were able to get the kids together too. I know my boys had a great time! You are a wonderful friend and I am so happy that we met! We have to do it again soon!