Thursday, April 24, 2008

It has been an eventful week with Katie!

Yes, this innocent looking girl has been creating havoc for me this past week!
First, she has been climbing out of her crib. Yes, this little munchkin scales the crib like a professional! :) Earlier in the week, I even found her roaming the house when she was supposed to be napping! I still haven't decided what I want to do..........crib tent or toddler bed. The pediatrician is against the crib I am still deciding. She seems to "little" to be in a toddler bed already!
And second, Katie pulled out her tube!!!!! Yes, on Monday night, I rushed her to the ER at Mercer to see if they could re-insert it. They couldn't. The doc said it appeared already closed, and he could not get it back opened...........sooooo, I've talked to the GI doc at CHOP, and as long as she continues to gain weight and has no setbacks, she is tube free!!!! :)
Go, Katie girl!!!!!!


Brandi said...

Katie girl... you are starting early with giving Mommy a run for her money! :)
Mommy... let the fun begin! :) Toddler years-- here you come!

Sarah said...

Ha Ha, sounds like Katie is your tornado like Liam is mine (except I have only one!) He was in a bed at 20 months. I just used a child door lock on the inside so he couldn't escape and on the closet so he couldn't pull out all the diapers. But it was his own room so he wouldn't be disturbing anyone else. Two years old isn't any better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I love these pictures of Katie she looks cute! Sorry to hear katie pulled out her feeding tube but I am so happy that she doesn't need it anymore. Go Katie Go!