Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is what I bought at Target........and Emma and Matty enjoying it!

Well, I bought SOME baby food! :) Thanks to the great coupon I have, I have been making daily trips to Target and stocking up on Gerber baby food. For instance, tonight, I printed out 52 coupons and bought 104 Gerber foods! The cashier was very cool, thank God, but it is embarassing! We came home and organized all the food into vegetables/meats and it will be easier to access when we use them. This seems like so much food, but it's really not a lot. We estimated we use about 12 "tubs" a day at least of food, so that is 84 tubs weekly, and I guess around 336 tubs monthly. AT LEAST that. Tonight for instance, the 3 of them were eating like crazy. Between the 3 of them I gave them 6tubs of food!!! OMG!!!!


Sarah said...

That's an amazing coupon. I forwarded it to both of my brothers-they each had a baby girl within the last few months. Thanks Annie!

Brandi said...

You're doing it right, Momma!! STOCK UP when you get a good deal for sure!! Your daily/weekly/monthly estimates look pretty accurate... crazy, isn't it?? I have some for you too that I'll have to pass your way to add to your "stock".
Enjoy babies!!! :) YUM YUM!